Pen tablet (input support container)-adaptive search that item which is usable with pen tablet (input support container) of errand is easily caught in

1:We input model, the OS and search

Maker choice
Model name
Item concerned
(including model number, carrier)
Version of the OS
Model name

When we input and choose model and the OS, we can confirm model corresponding to the product.
※Thing which does not depend on the OS of the body of errand including case and Film, please choose thing which there is not of the OS notation.

1:We input Model Number of ELECOM and search and narrow down

Input of Model Number

When we input and choose Model Number of ELECOM, we can confirm model corresponding to the product.
※When you search without inputting Model Number, please advance to 3 without inputting anything.

1:We choose product category and search and narrow down

Please choose product category that wants to check the correspondence situation. (possible multiple selection)
※When we do not accept check, all product categories become retrieval object.

Features narrowing

We narrow down Features of product

We narrow down in Kalla -

  • 1:Retrieval object

About correspondence result

You depend on our original investigation about this inspection contents basically, and please forgive each carrier, inquiry to each maker.

  • ・These contents are not things guaranteeing the operation in all environment, conditions.
  • ・We may be updated without notice about this inspection contents at any time by update of new information, driver and firmware.
  • ・Even if any damage, data loss, any malfunction others result occur for apparatuses such as pen tablets of customer by this inspection contents, we cannot take responsibility.
Correspondence (some functions cannot use)