List of external hard disk (HDD) products

It is hard disk (HDD) list. It is most suitable for backup such as data preservation or NAS.

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Security measure

There is no applicable product.

External HDD

Standard model HDD

Design model HDD for exclusive use of TV recording

Hikari TV TV service picture recording-response model HDD

SeeQVault-adaptive model HDD

Model HDD for video camera

External backup HDD for smartphone

HDD for PC digital gadget

Shock-resistant model HDD

Model HDD mounted with high trust hard disk

Rack mounting-type HDD

RAID model HDD

RAID model HDD accessories

Security measure model HDD


Big model

d2 model

d2 Professional model

Rugged model

Mobile Drive

Hard disk case (HDD case)

Case for 3.5 inches/2.5 inches HDD

Case for 3.5 inches of HDDs

Case for 2.5 inches of HDDs

Duplicator case


Conversion adapter

Conversion adapter

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