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PC change over device


USB-adaptive automatic PC change device 2port

PC change over device (KVM-NVU2)
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Model number / lineup

Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
PC change over device (KVM-NVU2) KVM-NVU2
Two change over 12,000 yen (tax-excluded)
PC change over device (KVM-NVU4) KVM-NVU4
Four change over 19,000 yen (tax-excluded)

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Features of product

Reshuffling device that is manipulability with one set of USB keyboard, USB mouse monitor in several PC

It is PC reshuffling device that changes several PC as console, and can operate one set of USB keyboard, USB mouse display for analog. We change up to four PC in two, KVM-NVU4 in KVM-NVU2 and can use and realize spacing of the desk circumference-saving. It is recommended to corporation user needing several server management.

※ When you change WindowsPC and Macintosh, please use keyboard / mouse supporting both Windows/MacOS. In keyboard and mouse for exclusive use of for exclusive use of Windows or MacOS, we may not use

  • PC change over plane (KVM-NVU2) for USB-adaptive corporations

    <2 change over>

  • PC change over plane (KVM-NVU4) for USB-adaptive corporations

    <4 change over>

Windows and Macintosh can be mixed

We are mixed and can use Windows and Macintosh.

※ Keyboard uses Windows use

※ When we perform change over by hot key with Macintosh, we need installation of attached application.

High-resolution correspondence

Video card supports to resolution of 2,048 dots X 1536 Lines.

※ Wide resolution is non-compliant.

Two ways of change over methods

We can perform change over of PC in Switch of the body or hot key.

[change over method of hot key]
[shift] Pattern[scrlk]key twice that is push with with pattern[ctrl]key two times which are push with key or [shift] key

Automatic change over function

Automatic change over function is function to go around in spite of being reshuffling in sequence, and to display screen of PC connected in automatic scan mode set. Change distance is setable. It is function that is convenient for management of server that we do not usually input.

Status memory function

Even if on/off of each key to [Caps Lock][Num Lock][Scroll Lock] changes PC, we can memorize value.

Use of wheel function is possible

Wheel function is available in correspondence with mouse compatible with Microsoft IntelliMouse.

Metal case adoption that resists noise

It is metal box body which image degradation, signal deterioration is hard to strongly happen for noise.

Beep sound On/Off function

Use at place not to be able to provide of sound is possible.

Cable attachment

It is all-in-one package which all the necessary cables entered.

Simple connection

It is driver-free and can be easily connected.

Specifications of product

PC change over device (KVM-NVU2)

USB-adaptive automatic PC change device 2port

The correspondence architecture Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98/Server2016/Server2012R2/Server2008R2/server2003/2000Advanced Server/2000Server, Mac OS X (after 10.3) /macOS (after 10.12)
Standard: USB conformity
Connector type 1 PC Two USB B female two / displays (D-sub15 mini-male)
Connect shape 2 The console side: One USB A female two / display (D-sub15 mini-female)
Purpose of use, Uses PC change over device
Accessories: Manual (attached to warranty), cable for connection: *2 1.2m, AC Adapter
Dimensions Approximately 484 g of Dimensions about width 200X D 74.5X 42mm in height Weight
The number of the circuits 2:
Power supply incorporation With Beep sound ON/OFF function (available at place not to be able to provide of sound)
Term of a guarantee One year

※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.