Cut sheet - coated paper

It is inkjet printer paper of ELECOM which is rich in type, Dimensions. Which "we want to leave important photograph neatly" prepares for wide lineup to be able to choose paper which is most suitable for request of customer "whom which "we want to distribute a lot of photographs" wants to print materials or menu on in large quantities" in total.

Impressive beauty to give black nishimario

Photograph paper pro

In addition to vivid color reproduction characteristics and high glossiness, we express the finish appropriate for high-quality photograph paper with impressive beauty to give black nishimario. There is thickness that we did well and is recommended to which we print out important photograph beautifully and want to save.

Person who wants to leave important photograph neatly

Platinum photo paper

It is high glossiness and papar with image quality repeatability which were developed for the purpose of printing photograph. It is most suitable to print durability, special photograph in the equal finish and feel of a material with silversalt photograph.

Person who wants to print a lot of photographs

Coated paper

We print photograph easily and are the most suitable paper when we want to make printed matter with glossiness. It is most suitable for Uses such as photographs to distribute in large quantities as it is superior to photograph paper in cost performance.

We narrow down product


There is no applicable product.

Beautiful coated paper

Beautiful coated paper

Economy coated paper

Economy coated paper