NAS confirmation of correspondence to see method

The Linux OS

NSB-3 series

[confirmation method]

We log in to management screen and click management screen top right corner "i" (product information).

Please confirm version of "firmware" of displayed information.

[correspondence method]

Please update firmware to the latest thing. Please refer to "User manual" of each product for update procedure. In addition, update from management screen is possible if connected with Internet.

NSB-5A series/NSB-7A series

[confirmation method]

We log in to management screen and open "App Center".

List of installed application is displayed when we click "my application" with "App Center" screen. If icon "looking at NAS" here is displayed, we cope if we see NAS.

[correspondence method]

Please install application "looking at NAS". We click "all application" with "App Center" screen and click [+ installation] under displayed icon "looking at NAS". When installation is completed, icon of "we see NAS" is displayed by "my application" of "App Center" screen.

The Windows OS

All the supported products

[confirmation method]

We log in to management screen, and program is installed in notice domain of the desktop lower right if there are any "agent watching NAS" icons.

[correspondence method]

You have you download "agent watching NAS" program from our following Web page, and please install.
We publish installation method in the following Web page. In addition, please be careful for each OS as programs are different when you have you download.