Video, acoustic equipment

Portable audio system accessories

We have LCD protective film or case of portable audio systems such as Apple iPod or SONY WALKMAN.

Headphones earphone headset

You can choose earphone Microphone corresponding to high res-adaptive model and smartphone.


We have lineup of TV and various speakers corresponding to digital audio player including smartphone tablet, PC.

WEB camera

Videophone with remote person is WEB camera which is available by favorite messenger software and various application distantly, too.

CD Player

Function for listening learning such as speed control functions is substantial CD Player.

Aerial cable

It is lineup in aerial cable improving receiving sensitivity of one segment broadcast in conventional terrestrial broadcasting, smartphone for TV connection corresponding to 4K8K broadcast.

Cable for smartphone tablet

It is cable for smartphone tablet which is available for Charge or data transfer.

Cable for SONY Walkman

It is video, data transmission, cable for SONY Walkman which we can record.

Cable for digital camera

It is USB cable which there is data transmission to HDMI cable, Charge and PC which are available for transmission of Video and Audio for digital camera.

Pin plug cable

It is cable to use when we reproduce Video, voice output such as Hi-Fi videos with AV TV.

Stereo cable

It is stereo mini-plug cable to use when we listen to music with apparatuses such as portable music players and record.

DisplayPort cable

It is next-generation connector to connect PC and liquid crystal display to digitally.