Model for exclusive use of USB memory - corporation for corporations

USB memory with virus measures function for corporations
Virus measures function models

USB memory with virus measures function for corporations

RecoveryUSB memory for corporations

USB memory which adapted to recovery Media

UF-RWBNA series
  • USB3.0
  • Windows correspondence

UF-RWBNA series

RecoveryUSB-RW for corporations

  •  8 / 16 / 32GB
※We cannot use than rule of Microsoft at the time of mass production
[Sold separately product]

Manager software, update pack

About security measure software PASS/PASS X AES

A security software "PASS x AES" or "PASS" with automatic approval of passward function can be used just by downloading from our web site.

  • PASS "password automatic approval function"
  • PASS X AES "password automatic approval function" + "data encryption function"
PASS(Password Authentication Security System)
PASS(Password Authentication Security System)
Password cancellation is usually unnecessary!
  • For the registered PC…
    Without activation of security software or entering password, USB memory can be accessed.
    Though it is with security, it is usable immediately. We can register to /3 stand
  • For not registered PC.…
    Password entering screen shows up for non-registered PC and enter the password to use.
    It feels safe with requirements of password in some places such as net cafe.
  • When we have encountered theft…
    Naturally password is asked as it is non-registration. Because a password is necessary, data cannot be checked.
    Is there password?

With this password authentication method software, pre-registered PC (up to three PCs) can be accessed to data immediately after connected without entering password.

PASS(Password Authentication Security System) X AES
PASS(Password Authentication Security System) X AES
In addition, a data encryption function by 256bit!

In addition to PASS (password automatic certification function coding belonging to) mentioned above, you can use AES (256bit data encryption function).

  • We automatically encrypt data and save
  • Oh, we do not see data
Coding function of software method
※Memory area of the USB memory is used for encryption. Therefore the domain that can be used for data becomes about 1/2 of the displayed memory capacity.
※When we make place of "PASS folder" desktop, all capacity of USB memory becomes available.
The highest-level encryption system
The U.S. Government uses "AES" by default and is the highest-level encryption system which Japanese Government recommends. As the data is encrypted, the data cannot be read by just taking them out by breaking the device unless decoded.