USB memory - smartphone / tablet-adaptive type

Smartphone / tablet correspondence
Directly connecting is possible in smartphone and tablet.
It is model who can easily move data which we saved.

Smartphone tablet-adaptive USB memory

Smartphone tablet-adaptive USB memory

About security measure software PASS/PASS X AES

A security software "PASS x AES" or "PASS" with automatic approval of passward function can be used just by downloading from our web site.

  • PASS "password automatic approval function"
  • PASS X AES "password automatic approval function" + "data encryption function"
PASS(Password Authentication Security System)
PASS(Password Authentication Security System)
Password cancellation is usually unnecessary!
  • For the registered PC…
    Without activation of security software or entering password, USB memory can be accessed.
    Though it is with security, it is usable immediately. We can register to /3 stand
  • For not registered PC.…
    Password entering screen shows up for non-registered PC and enter the password to use.
    It feels safe with requirements of password in some places such as net cafe.
  • When we have encountered theft…
    Naturally password is asked as it is non-registration. Because a password is necessary, data cannot be checked.
    Is there password?

With this password authentication method software, pre-registered PC (up to three PCs) can be accessed to data immediately after connected without entering password.

PASS(Password Authentication Security System) X AES
PASS(Password Authentication Security System) X AES
In addition, a data encryption function by 256bit!

In addition to PASS (password automatic certification function coding belonging to) mentioned above, you can use AES (256bit data encryption function).

  • We automatically encrypt data and save
  • Oh, we do not see data
Coding function of software method
※Memory area of the USB memory is used for encryption. Therefore the domain that can be used for data becomes about 1/2 of the displayed memory capacity.
※When we make place of "PASS folder" desktop, all capacity of USB memory becomes available.
The highest-level encryption system
The U.S. Government uses "AES" by default and is the highest-level encryption system which Japanese Government recommends. As the data is encrypted, the data cannot be read by just taking them out by breaking the device unless decoded.