SD memory card - SDHC card

SD card

  • With data restoration service that can revive even if important data disappear

Storage medium such as Memory Card to use with digital cameras well reads when, and error gets up or is not accompanied by expectation. Memory Card with data restoration service runs out within term of a guarantee and can use data restoration service free once. 
≫The details of data restoration service are this

  • SD speed class 10
  • SD speed class 4

SD card varies in transfer rate by Class. Number displayed in Class of SD card shows "the guaranteed lowest transfer rate" each, and Supported Devices is a lot high-speed so that number is high. 
≫The details of SD card Class are this

  • High-speed transfer standard UHS-II U3
  • High-speed transfer standard UHS-I U3
  • High-speed transfer standard UHS-I U1

UHS is abbreviation of Ultra High Speed (super-high-speed).
We have ability for high-speed transfer of a maximum of 104MB/s with UHS-I supported product and can record videos of HD resolution. We have ability for high-speed transfer with UHS-II supported product more than a maximum of 312MB/s and UHS-I supported product and are most suitable for recording such as 4K videos.

MLC flash memory

Generally, there is characteristic that we have more renewal possibility number of times 5 times - 10 times than used "TLC Flash", and renewal of data is suitable for Uses such as frequent Drive recorder, car navigation system, crime prevention / surveillance camera.

SDHC card