Mouse - Wired cabling type

Wired cabling type
We are connected with USB cable, PS/2 terminal cable,
It is type to wire that is battery-free. It is good to long-time work.
Indication of reading performance
    We realize operation at almost all places without choosing type, color of material. It includes superior reading performance and flattery characteristics and can operate pointer just as wanted.
  • ULTIMATE laser
    Glass side which by applying technique of dark-field microscope, and detecting dynamic scattering by extremely minute irregularities and dust, is water-clear, as for the varnishes, use on every operation side is possibility.
  • Laser system
    By using interference phenomenon of laser beam, can pick up normal slight irregularities that can detect if it is optical and is completely flat using LED.
  • Blue LED
    It is operable at glass side and Transparent sheet, the top of carpet that wavelength uses short blue light-emitting diode in comparison with red LED, light reflects to small irregularities and dust, and to reach sensor.
  • IR LED
    Using infrared rays LED having low operating voltage is optical. Power consumption is smaller than BlueLED and red LED, and battery of Wireless mouse lasts a long time.
  • Optical
    Of before using red LED is optical. It is method spreading most now.

USB mouse

Gaming mouse which was equipped with high-performance gaming sensor

Eco-friendly mouse in conformity with EU RoHS order

Standard model