Access point (product for corporation)

Article number Price Wireless standard Maximum transfer speed PoE
The acnagb same time
5GHz: 1,733Mbps
2.4GHz: 400Mbps
The acnagb same time
5GHz: 1,300Mbps
2.4GHz: 450Mbps
The acnagb same time
5GHz: 867Mbps
2.4GHz: 300Mbps
nagb switching
2.4GHz: 300Mbps

We choose among Wireless speed/type

Up to 1,733Mbps (theoretical value) correspondence

Up to 300Mbps (theoretical value) correspondence

※We cannot use This product at 2.4GHz band and the same time of 5GHz zone. You choose band of either, and please use.

Wireless AP/300Mbps change over type/PoE/Smart for corporations

Spread standard 11n/a and 11n/g/b correspondence, change over communication correspondence (※ 1) of 300Mbps of 5GHz & 2.4GHz. It is available to office environment. It is entry model that is most suitable for the first Wireless introduction. Correspondence in exclusive software "WAB-MAT" that they can install without stopping at power supply environment with PoE tray electric equipment ability, and setting change or confirmation of the operation situation are controllable collectively (※ 2).

  • Conformity standard
  • Wireless transfer speed (value of standard)
    5GHz300Mbps 2.4GHz300Mbps
  • 25 maximum concurrent connection
  • PoE tray train correspondence
  • The IEEE802.1x/EAP certification
  • Multi-SSID (※ 3)
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Heat-resistant 50 degrees Celsius
  • Wired gigabit
  • 3 +2 a year age guarantees (※ 4)
  • Privacy separator
  • It supports USB memory
  • WPS
  • It is AES/TKIP WPA2
  • WEP: 64/128 bit
  • MAC address filtering
  • Power saving schedule
  • Unjust AP detection function
  • With wall surface mounting bracket
  •  White WAB-S300

(※ 1) Wireless speed is standard maximum. (※ 2) after firmware Ver.1.0.4 
(※ 3) 2.4GHz: Five/5GHz: Five ※For change over type, the use can extend term of a guarantee at the same time for two years by registering to five (※ 4). (extension guarantee is service of ELECOM support & service offer for two years.)