Headset/microphone for PC

We can enjoy conversation and music! Headset microphone for PC

Headphones/earphone Microphone for smartphone, cell-phone is this

It is list of products page of headset microphone which is most suitable for use in PC. As headphones and Microphone unify headsets, it is most suitable for call center duties or chat. Connection by USB connector or φ 3.5mm mini-plug is possible.

■Plug type :

  • φ 3.5mm mini-plugφ 3.5mm mini-plug

    It is plug used in general music player or PC.

  • φ 3.5mm mini-plugφ 3.5mm mini-plug

    It is 4 pole plugs which we added Microphone terminal to. Please use after checking Supported Devices.

  • USB connectorUSB connector

    When we connect speaker to PC as USB connection does not occupy speaker terminal of PC and enjoy music, we can begin same Skype and chat.

Type for game

Overhead type

Earphone type

- to be able to enjoy powerful sound quality for overhead type - feeling of wearing that became stable

High-quality sound model that was equipped with large-diameter driver