It is signage easy signage by oneself

In entrusting you, it is original. Signage service of ELECOM!

With digital signage

Digital signage is various places such as the outdoors, store, the community space, means of transportation,
It is generic name of system sending information using electronic indication apparatuses such as small tablet or display.
It spreads widely around large-scale commercial facilities or public facilities,
It increases recently at small stores.

With digital signage

Digital signage introduction merit

  • Timely solicitation

    We appoint specific area and store or time and can send information.
    We will play an active part as advertising media that had higher solicitation then because we can send advantageous information and latest information which we want to send to customer who is in the place in real time.

  • We replace immediately

    If we set schedule from content distribution system and deliver, we can change information to display immediately.
    In comparison with disseminating information with poster print put, and reduce time for substitute, and can send information to consumers speedily.

  • Cost cut

    As it does not cost printing charges and personnel expenses that we put and begin to change in comparison with poster, large reduction of expense and man-hour is possible.
    Problem that we mind expense, and update is not possible very much can be settled.

Signage service introduction of ELECOM

  • ELECOM easy signage
  • It is signage in by ELECOM oneself
  • It is signage in by ELECOM oneself
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