Custom PC for industry that ELECOM group provides for business use

We can accept an order even from one

ELECOM group provides
Industrial use, custom PC for business use

Stable operation, long-term supply, support, flexible customization

Desktop PC

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Of every business scene
We meet needs

By having introduced commercial PC into the company system, may you not be in trouble? Frequent model change, unstable movement by consecutive operation, extra function, short function.

If there are any "PC which does not actually come…There should be much company seeming to be ". In ELECOM group if there are any "controllers that such a PC does not come…We provide solution called "custom PC" meeting company-like request called "as much as possible. As even a few, small lot from one support as much as possible, please feel free to contact.

  • Microscope digital camera system

    Optical goods manufacturer
    Optical goods system developer state
    (desktop PC)

  • Liquid crystal panel test equipment

    Test equipment manufacturer for factories
    (19-inch rack mounting PC)

  • Optical fiber-like core device

    Optical fiber-like core device manufacturer
    (desktop PC)

  • Chapel Lines process control terminal

    Chapel Lines process terminal print company
    (touch panel PC)

  • Order reception desk, accounting system

    Eating and drinking FC chain operator
    (touch panel PC)

  • Management device in restaurant

    Eating and drinking FC chain operator
    (mini-box PC)

We cultivated for nearly 30 years
Technology and experience

In ELECOM group, we make use of technology and experience of nearly 30 years when we developed PC peripheral device and develop business of "development of products such as PCs embedded storage" and "services such as data restoration, repair".

It is accumulated by storage development and utilizes technology and know-how and develops business of the only data restoration service as hardware supplier.

  • History in business for 30 years

    We are manufacturers developing PC peripheral device for a long time in Japan. History of peripheral device is history of ELECOM group.

  • Annual HDD analysis number

    We analyze 3,000 a year obstacle mediums brought into data restoration business. We accumulate drive properties or tendency of each maker and reflect for development.

  • The domestic company factory

    We hold the rare domestic company factory in the PC peripheral device industry. We assemble all for the last time in domestic factory and ship HDD after the all quantity format inspection.

With cheap, high versatility
Stable long-term correspondence

PC for PC, duties for industry of ELECOM group compares with general-purpose PC maker and copes with joint ownership for long term, and, let alone being high durability, inspection support with Legacy correspondence, material and devices such as flexible customization or OS is satisfying.

In the domestic company factory, we further gather plan, development and production, examination, inspection until maintenance support and realize one-stop service.

You use custom PC product ranging from industrial use to duties use.

Inquiry about custom PC is>

WEB site of Logitec INA Solutions is open.

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