LAN cable

CAT7, CAT6A are recommended to stable high speed communication! "Category" is divided into point LAN cable of how to choose by supporting standard.

USB cable

It is USB cable to be able to choose to Connector type, transfer speed and Uses such as Type-C, Type-A.

HDMI cable

It is HDMI cable to connect apparatus in odi such as PC and smartphone, TV, recorder.

Aerial cable

It is aerial cable having a choice to Uses including difference in shape and tip shape of terminal.

Cable for smartphone tablet

It is cable for smartphone which is available for Charge or data transfer. You have a choice between shape and transfer speed of terminal.

Cable for SONY Walkman

It is cable for SONY Walkman ® equipped with video, data transmission, WM-PORT connector which we can record.

Cable for digital camera

It is cable for digital camera to be able to choose depending on transfer of Video and Audio, Uses including data transmission to PC to TV and projector.

Pin plug cable

It is pin plug cable to use when we reproduce Video, voice output such as Hi-Fi videos with AV TV.

Stereo cable

It is stereo mini-plug cable to use when we listen to music with apparatuses such as portable music players and record.

Light digital cable

It is light digital cable to connect light digital output (the corner type) of HDD/DVD and light digital input (the corner type) such as TV or amplifier to.

Optical fiber cable

High speed communication, long-distance signal transfer are possible optical fiber cables.

DisplayPort cable

We connect PC and liquid crystal display digitally and are Displayport cable which can transmit and receive Video, Audio, control signal with one cable.

DVI cable

It is DVI cable to connect PC and liquid crystal display to digitally.

D-Sub15 pin cable

It is D-Sub15 pin cable connecting display to PC having a certain RGB analog input/output conventionally.

IEEE1394 cable

Putting on and taking off is possible with switching on interconnect equipment and we connect digital video camera to PC and are IEEE1394 cable suitable for the exchanges of video.

D-Sub9 pin cable

It is D-Sub9 pin becoming mainstream mainly on PC/AT compatibles.

Modular cable

It is modular cable to connect PC, telephone, FAX to home modular outlet.

Serial ATA cable

It is cable to connect PC to peripheral devices such as serial ATA hard disks for standard.

Printer cable

It is cable connecting PC to printer in connector of large-scale ribbon contact type.

Power cable

It is cable and internal electrical power source cable for PC to connect PC, peripheral device to home outlet.

Conversion, extension adapter

It is adapter to convert various connectors, and to extend.

USB hub

It is USB hub having a choice between various designs and number of the ports which it branches off Universal Serial Bus port of PC and can increase.

Docking station

We connect peripheral device to PC with one cable collectively! It is docking station that can use peripheral device while charging PC.

Switching device, distributor

We share apparatus and displays such as mouse/keyboard/monitors in plural PC and are change over container, distributor which changes, and is usable.

Cable accessories

It is cable accessories such as cable malls protecting unity band to gather up cable clearly, LAN cable.