Digital camera-related product


It is digital camera case protecting digital single-lens reflex camera and digital mirrorless camera from wound and dirt, shock. Lens and accessories are lineups with case holding camera bag which we can store in a mass, camera simple substance and lens simple substance other than the camera body, too.


It is strap for digital camera/digital single-lens camera. We are doing lineup including slim strap which does not disturb of removable type and fashion.

LCD protective film :

It is LCD protective film protecting LCD screen from wound and dirt. We can put in Silicone film suddenly and put again and can easily do it.

Cleaning article

Oil slick dirt and small dust have lineup of camera lens, glass, LCD screen including cleaning cross to be able to wipe off neatly, cleaning article of filter, too.

Cable for digital camera

We have lineup of cable to connect digital camera and video camera to TV and projector, PC.

Digital camera-related accessories

It is digital camera-related accessories including background sheet that puts, and can easily take image to shine in.