Wireless (Bluetooth®) earphone headphones/headphones Microphone/headset

Let's enjoy wireless life in Bluetooth®! Wireless earphone earphone Microphone

It is Wireless earphone earphone Microphone to be able to enjoy music and Pick up and terminate calls to wireless with portable audio player and cell-phone of the Bluetooth® deployment. It is thrown open by onerousness of cable when we connect earphone to apparatus by wireless and can enjoy music and Pick up and terminate calls more comfortably.

Complete wireless type - that there is not cable to tie headphones of complete wireless type - right and left to

Complete wireless type

Even if put on inner ear earphone type -, do not attract attention, fitting good to ear. -

Inner ear earphone type

We can attach to type - hand light car for ear and are not worried about cord. -

We can enjoy music with stereo if we connect the right ear earphone which is available for stereo-adaptive - putting on and taking off! -

Monaural one ear type