Bluetooth®-related product - glossary

As for the conversation by music and carrying as for the PC peripheral device!
Let's enjoy wireless life with full of a feeling of opening in Bluetooth!

Apparatuses carrying Bluetooth® now including notebook PC including cell-phone and netbook increase. Do you not begin wireless life in Bluetooth® to be able to enjoy music and conversation casually?

What is Bluetooth® (Bluetooth)?

Bluetooth® is technique to communicate wirelessly in short distance. Even if there is obstacle, unlike infrared communication, we can communicate. For example, we can talk with headset if we prepare cell-phone and headset corresponding to Bluetooth® with putting cell-phone away at bag. Supporting apparatuses increase and can connect various apparatuses to PC or digital audio player without cable.

We introduce Charge methods of Glossary and product about Bluetooth® product.

With version of Bluetooth (Bluetooth)

In Bluetooth®, addition of function, speedup of transmission rate are made from appearance those days, and version of standard rises. Basically new version is compatible with old version. In that case, performance is checked by low person.

ver.1.1 The spread began with this version.
ver.1.2 Interference measures with wireless LAN (11b/g) using the same 2.4GHz band were taken.
ver.2.0+EDR We realized transmission rate 3 times as large as Ver.1.x by including EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).
ver.2.1+EDR Pairing became able to simplify. In addition, 5 times "Sniff Subrating" which let you last a long time function was added with battery of many apparatuses of stand-by time including mouse and keyboard.
ver.3.0 It is version that we made about 24Mbps and data-transfer velocity by using standard (IEEE 802.11) of wireless LAN. By strengthening function of power supply management, realize further electric power saving.
ver.4.0 As you realize power consumption cut of up to 60% in This product in standard with Features, you can use for electric power saving called Bluetooth Low Energy in peace in Mobile environment.

With Class of Bluetooth (Bluetooth)

Class expresses Communication Range. Communication Range becomes long so that number of Class is small. Generally, we use electricity by just that much when Communication Range grows. Let's choose Class to Uses.

Class1 We cope with communication to a radius of 100m. When we separate apparatuses and want to use, let's choose this.
Class2 We cope with communication to a radius of 10m. Mouse or headsets are enough in this Class.
Class3 We cope with communication to a radius of 1m.

With profile of Bluetooth (Bluetooth)

Because connection with apparatus with various functions is assumed, Bluetooth® decides rule of communication every function. The rule is profile. It is necessary for apparatuses to correspond to the same profile to be connected in Bluetooth®.

(Dial-up Networking Profile)
Profile to do dial up communication through cell-phone
(File Transfer Profile)
Profile to exchange data between PC
(Human Interface Device Profile)
Profile to treat input equipment
(Object Push Profile)
Profile to exchange address book and data of calendar
(Headset Profile)
Profile to communicate with headset
(Hands-Free Profile)
Profile to do hands Free Pick up and terminate calls
(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
Profile to transmit stereo sound of high-quality sound
(Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
Profile to perform control (reproduction, forwarding) of AV apparatus

Charge method of Bluetooth (Bluetooth) product

We introduce Charge method of headset and hands phreaker kit.

USB charger cable We can charge by being connected to USB connector of PC.
It is most suitable for apparatus to use with PC.
AC Adapter We can charge from home outlet.
As PC is not necessary for Charge, it is convenient for apparatuses for cell-phone.
Cigar charger We can charge from cigar socket of car.
It is most suitable for apparatus to use in the inside of car.
Solar panel It can be charged from solar cell.
We are suitable for apparatus to use at sunny place including windshield neighborhood of car.