We choose among Bluetooth®-related product - purpose, Uses

As for the conversation by music and carrying as for the PC peripheral device!
Let's enjoy wireless life with full of a feeling of opening in Bluetooth!

Apparatuses carrying Bluetooth® now including notebook PC including cell-phone and netbook increase. Do you not begin wireless life in Bluetooth® to be able to enjoy music and conversation casually?

What is Bluetooth® (Bluetooth)?

Bluetooth® is technique to communicate wirelessly in short distance. Even if there is obstacle, unlike infrared communication, we can communicate. For example, we can talk with headset if we prepare cell-phone and headset corresponding to Bluetooth® with putting cell-phone away at bag. Supporting apparatuses increase and can connect various apparatuses to PC or digital audio player without cable.

CASE1 uses in PC

PC which incorporated Bluetooth® module can use mouse and keyboard without receiver. There is merit that can share plural apparatuses with one receiver, and Universal Serial Bus port is most suitable for netbooks which cannot be equipped a lot. We realize desk space that is cableless, and is comfortable.

  • We realize comfortable desk space
  • It is most suitable for carrying around
  • Concurrent connection is possible with various apparatuses

Product which is usable in PC

CASE2 uses in music players

I can receive portable audio player and music such as cell-phones supporting Bluetooth® from fun to wireless. In addition, we connect audio system transmitter or audio system receiver and can enjoy music by wireless even if favorite headphones do not support Bluetooth®.

  • Code of headphones is lucid!
  • We can enjoy jogging!
  • We can enjoy in favorite headphones!

Product which is usable in music players

CASE3 uses by Pick up and terminate calls, chat

We can enjoy conversation by wireless when we use Bluetooth®-adaptive headset and hands phreaker kit while we drive car or bicycle when we are tied up. In addition, we can enjoy conversation while washing dishes and cleaning in house as it is hands Free, and housework can improve efficiency, too.

  • We can enjoy conversation by car and bicycle!
  • Efficiency of housework improves! We can enjoy conversation everywhere in the one of house!

Product which is usable by Pick up and terminate calls, chat

CASE4 uses with game console

We are using PS3 and PSP and can enjoy chat to remain with controller. In addition, we can enjoy operation at TV and remote place when we use keyboard for Bluetooth®.

  • We can talk with having controller!
  • We can operate even if separated from TV!

Product which is usable with game console