Earthquake-resistant article

Do you plot your PC, earthquake disaster-resistant? It leads to protecting people in circumference to prevent fall of apparatus. Early measures!
The Fire Services Act was revised from June 1, 2009. It is not duty, but must consider, "you take damage reduction measures such as prevention of fall fall of furniture, household articles".


[for earthquake disaster measures] Introduction of earthquake-resistant goods "yu retan" of ELECOM

Earthquake large country, Japan. In home and general company, fall measures of furniture and household articles became required item to protect family and employee.
We will review when it takes place for reduction of earthquake disaster damage not to understand once again from surroundings.

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Introduction video of two kinds of aseismatic measures products which protect TV from earthquake, and are available

For earthquake measures. It is earthquake proofing belt of "adhesion Sticker type to prevent fall to front of TV and peripheral device without making a hole in setting stand and wall surface which vibration test of a seismic intensity of 7 equivalency cleared, earthquake proofing gel".

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We narrow down product

There is no applicable product.

The one for furniture, household articles

Earthquake-resistant gel

Fall prevention appliance

The one for TV TV peripheral device

Earthquake-resistant gel

Earthquake-resistant belt

The one for PC PC peripheral device

Earthquake-resistant gel