Carrying bag

We have porches receiving accessories such as carrying bag protecting delicate note PC which is vulnerable to shock, inner bag to store in bag, portable power charger or cable.

Media case

It is Media case having a choice to type, Uses of Media which we can store CD/DVD/Blu-ray in. We have standard plastic case or file case which is convenient for rearranging of a large quantity of Media.

Battery case

Battery case which can hold battery compactly.


It is cover protecting apparatuses such as keyboard or printer from dust and dirt.

Mouse pad list rest

You can choose various mouse pads including fatigue reduction type from standard type.

Liquid crystalline filter

It is liquid crystalline filter protecting LCD screen. You have a choice between functions such as Anti-reflective, blue light cut, prevention of peep.

Cooling item

It is cooling article relieving temperature rise in note PC. We reduce freeze, speed down, heat up of CPU causing bug and make comfortable operating environment.

Earthquake-resistant article

We have earthquake proofing article preventing fall of apparatuses such as the PC body or monitor including type to fix with gel type, belt to stick on base.

Cleaning article

It is cleaning article protecting PC apparatuses from cleaning tissue which is convenient for PC and cleaning of the desk circumference and cross and dust blower, dirt and dust including cleaner for drive and printer of PC removing cross, dust.

Security item

It is security articles such as Universal Serial Bus port overpasses which prevent security wire protecting PC or LCD monitor tablet PC from theft, USB connection, and prevent information leakage.

The display arm stands

We can adjust position of liquid crystal display freely and put up display arm which can effectively utilize space of desk, H of liquid crystal display and are the display stands which can improve posture at the time of PC work by giving glance.