Liquid crystalline filter

It is liquid crystalline filter protecting LCD screen of PC. You have a choice depending on blue light cut, Anti-reflective, Uses including blue light cut.


[inspection!] Visual hacking (prevention of peep) measures

Measures cannot miss utilization of "peep prevention filter" "visual hacking" (prevention of peep) with the risk of information leakage than theft, loss of information terminal.
Promotion of Mobile work advances, and use of terminal the outdoors became daily life, but, as for the scene that screen of another person gets into eyes frequently, anyone thinks that there is experience. We can unexpectedly easily read confidential information and can lead to loss of reliability if we understand company name. Actually please see by all means as we inspected how much information you can read.

※As Audio appears, please be careful about volume.

We narrow down product

Product classification
Pasting up type
Product Features

There is no applicable product.

General-purpose type

Peep prevention filter

Anti-reflective film

Blue light sheet film

Sticker for filter installation

Private type

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft Surface Laptop


Panasonic Let' s note

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

iPad mini (2019), iPad mini 4

10.2 inches of iPads (2019)

iPad Pro 11 inches (2018)

9.7 inches of iPads (2018), iPad 9.7 inches (2017), iPad Pro 9.7 inches

9.7 inches of iPads (2018), iPad 9.7 inches (2017)

iPad Air 2

In addition, Film filter for tablet PC, please identify correspondence information.

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