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Desk cover
Desk cover which Uses has abundant in large Dimensions
Desk circle Chika bar - DCM series
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 W1200 X D1400mm   1,500 yen 
1,650 yen 
 The end of the sale
 W1700 X D2000mm   2,500 yen 
2,750 yen 
 The end of the sale
 W1800 X D2400mm   3,000 yen 
3,300 yen 
 The end of the sale
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● Desk circle Chika bar of large Dimensions

● Antistatic Specifications

It is desk circle Chika bar which Uses has abundant in large Dimensions. We considered size of desk and prepared three kinds of size.
It is antistatic Specifications which cuts static electricity, and decreases adhesion of dust.

● We are strong in washing and boiling water process


We strongly continue seidenkoka for washing and boiling water processing.

Article number DCM-10S DCM-20M DCM-30L
Dimensions: W1200 X D1400mm W1700 X D2000mm W1800 X D2400mm