Cleaner for drive

You have a choice depending on "type of drive" and "degree of dirt"!

  Product for high laundry Multi-model correspondence
Blu-ray is for exclusive use The one for DVD Multi-correspondence Blu-ray pack
Cleaning level 3

The superstrength reading number of times

In disk recognition error

Wet process
Wet process
Wet process
Wet process
Cleaning level 2

Superstrength maintenance

For cancellation of reproduction error

Wet process
Wet process
Wet process
Cleaning level 1

Strong maintenance

In the prevention, initial trouble

Dry process
Dry process
Dry process
Supported devices: PC/incorporation drive/external drive CD drive (CD-ROM+-RW) X X * *
DVD drive (DVD - ± R/RW, - RAM, Multi) X * *
Blu-ray Disc drive (BD-ROM, -R, -RE) ※2: ※1: ※1:
AV/others Music player X X
DVD player, DVD recorder X
Blu-ray Disc player /Blu-ray Disc recorder ※2: ※1: ※1:
CD Player for vehicle installation, CD car navigation system X X
DVD player for vehicle installation, DVD car navigation system X
Game console PlayStation "PS one" X X
PlayStation2 X
PlayStation4 X
Xbox, Xbox360 X

(impossibility for X ◎ most suitable ・○ correspondence ・△ some correspondence)

  • ※We cannot clean lens for Blu-ray with player/recorder having separate pickup lenses in the one for 1 CD/DVD and the one for Blu-ray.
  • ※We cannot clean lens for CD/DVD with player/recorder having separate pickup lenses in the one for 2 CD/DVD and the one for Blu-ray.

About Blu-ray lens

Generally, 2 lenses type that the one for CD/DVD became independent if pickup lens of Blu-ray player/drive is for Blu-ray is mainstream. With 2 lenses type, exclusive cleaner is necessary for Blu-ray use and each lens for CD/DVD. On Blu-ray lens, both lenses can clean cleaner for exclusive use of Blu-ray neatly when they have the one for CD/DVD use DVD cleaner each.

※Please refer to manufacturer of each apparatus for Specifications of pickup lens.

Cleaner-related product for drive