Cleaning article

Cleaning tissue

It is cleaning tissue which is convenient for PC and cleaning of the desk circumference. As we take out quickly and are usable casually, we protect PC apparatuses from dirt and dust.

Cleaning cloth

Small garbage and oil slick dirt are cleaning crosses to be able to wipe off neatly, too.

Cleaning brush

It is cleaning brush which is convenient for destruction of dust and dirt which attached to display and OA apparatus. We have types that joden type and length and angle can coordinate.

Cleaning spray

It is cleaning spray which is convenient for cleaning of place that does not want to use detergent. It is available in component that is used for mouth care in peace in the food circumferences such as cooking household appliances, appliance.

Dust blower

We can clean dust neatly if we snipe at narrow gap or connector part with dust blower. It is available to peripheral devices such as printer or digital camera and various OA apparatuses.

Cleaning liquid

We drop heavy dirt which attached to PC or OA apparatus by effect of cleaning liquid well.

TV-related cleaner

We have cleaning brush or wet tissue keeping LCD screen letting you feel fine around TV neatly.

Cleaner for drive

Let's care for using lens cleaner regularly to become cause that error occurs at the time of reproduction/note when "pickup lens" reading data is dirty even a little.

Cleaner for printer

We remove dirt and dust which attached to roller by simple work that just puts cleaning sheet through printer by the hard adhesion coat type of new method that improved the adhesive strength.