Manager, RAID function deployment NAS (product for corporation). Lineup that is wide from large-scale office to Small office, SOHO. We follow important business data by high reliability and the operational nature strongly.

External hard disk

It allowed you to easily attach hard disk which could save many data including video and photograph to PC and Mobile terminal with external hard disk. It is most suitable for data preservation and backup.

Lacie hard disk

Product of LaCie characterized by design which was simple, and was refined. In the past, there is the history that Apple sold as pure article of external disk, and we are introduced a lot in the even now Video industries of the world, the broadcast industry, and there is high affinity with Mac.


We assume storage medium and are new generation storage using flash memory.
We adopt Interface standards such as USB or SATA like HDD and attract attention as storage device as a substitute for HDD.

Internal hard disk

For speedup of system start and data backup.
As for the PS4 exchange use.

Hard disk case duplicator

It is HDD case which pulls HDD for incorporation casually without using exclusive case, and finishes pushing itself forward.
We save a large quantity of data to plural HDDs and are item which is recommended to which wants to make good use of one to use while changing and HDD which has remained.