Option product for exclusive use of NAS

It is list of exclusive optional articles of ELECOM Logitec system NAS.

Spare fan

Spare fan for exclusive use of WSS CUBE NAS

Exclusive AC Adapter

AC adapter for exclusive use of NSR-6S series

Exclusive rack mounting rail kit




Rack mounting rail kit

It is slide rack mounting rail kit corresponding to NAS:LSV-5S/4RK1 series of 19 type 1 U rack mounting type. We cope with rack of rack prop 68cm - 89cm in depth.

  •  LSV-RMKT-R02
Supported devices: LSV-5S4T/4RK1S, LSV-5S8T/4RK1S, LSV-5S4T/4RK1W, LSV-5S8T/4RK1W, LSV-5S2T/4RQS, LSV-5S4T/4RQS, LSV-5S8T/4RQS, LSV-5S2T/4RQS, LSV-5S4T/4RQW, LSV-5S8T/4RQW, LSV-5S2T/4R1S, LSV-5S4T/4R1S, LSV-5S8T/4R1S, LSV-5S2T/4R1S, LSV-5S4T/4R1W, LSV-5S8T/4R1W