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Hotel router for simple package


It is wireless LAN router for microminiature hotel corresponding to 11bgn300Mbps which can enjoy the Internet with the speed of approximately 4 times of LTE line.

Hotel router (WRH-300WH-H) for simple package
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Model number / lineup

Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
Hotel router (WRH-300WH-H) for simple package WRH-300WH-H
< White > 11bgn 300Mbps (theoretical value) 4,260 yen (tax-excluded)

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Features of product

In addition to conventional WRH-300x series, we cope with various functions that are convenient for introduction as hotel facilities!

Video introduces portable router clearly. It is so convenient in business trip destination, destination! Portable router

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Portable router which easily makes wired LAN of hotel Wi-Fi.
It is required item if we utilize smartphone and tablet in business trip destination, destination!

Shipment security is reliable with initial setting "router mode", too!

This product ships initial setting with "router mode" to prevent Network access between guest room. In addition, you are doing separator function to prevent access between Wireless terminal with "effective" equally at time of shipment and can use security by the same setting in peace.
※At the time of shipment of "WRH-300x" of Other conventional products series setting "AP fashion" "separator function "is invalid"

We can install immediately and attach LAN cable as standard equipment!

So that when install in guest room of hotel, it is not necessary to have prepare LAN cable separately, is bundling with LAN cable (flat cable, approximately 50cm) by default.

We bundle LAN cable by default

It supports prevention theft prevention holder by theft and mischief to connector part

It supports anti-theft holder "WRH-300HLDWH" for corporations realizing anti-theft mischievous prevention of hotel router.

It supports anti-theft holder

We attach foreign language connection Manual of realization 8 language by support from foreign country to visitor!

We added "Chinese (Chinese Traditional), Thai, Indonesian" to foreign language connection Manual (Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character), Korean, Portuguese) which had favorable reception in "WRH-300x series" of Other conventional products very much more.
We realize support of network connection from more foreign countries to customer by 8 languages in total.

We bundle setting change Manual for contribution setting supplier with cost cut

We prepare for Manual which we squeezed in set point showing frequent change in the case of setting to guest rooms to plan labor saving of setting work. We contribute to cost cut of supplier who installs a lot number.

High speed communication about 4 times faster than 300MbpsLTE line!

As they cope with approximately 4 times of LTE line, high-speed Wi-Fi communication of 11bgn 300Mbps to become the speed of approximately 32 times of 3G line, reproduction of video, music and development of attached file email belonging to are comfortable.

Transmission rate of approximately 4 times of LTE line!

Setting simple by exclusive application by preparation smartphone / tablet application!

We only read bundled QR code, and input of troublesome encrypting key provides unnecessary simple setting application. Besides, it is equipped with WPS function that can set PC and various Mobile game consoles and Wi-Fi just to push WPS button of This product.

Input of encrypting key that is troublesome by QR cord reading for unnecessary

In eco-package which makes paper package adoption simple packing that it is easy to discard, and is kind to the earth!

This product considers work after setting and adopts paper package which it is easy to discard unlike Other conventional products. We make ecological product which is kind to the earth.

■Correspondence information

※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.

■Specifications comparison

Article number WRH-300x WRH-300WH-H (This product)
It is mode at the time of shipment AP mode Router mode
Separator function Available (initial value: invalidity) Available (initial value: effectively)
LAN cable None Bundling (flat cable, approximately 50cm)
USB cable None None
AC adapter Available Available
Manual It is (kan) / among / British / on day
Korea / Portugal
It is (han) / among (kan) / among / British / on day
Korea / Portugal /
Thai / Indonesia
U-NEXT video privilege Available None
This color of the body Red / silver /
White / Black
< White >
Setting Manual
(product for facilities Uses)
None Available
Prevention of theft Separate sale: Anti-theft holder (WRH-300HLDWH) correspondence


□Wireless LAN part
Wireless LAN standard .11 g of IEEE 802 .11n, IEEE 802, IEEE 802 .11b
Frequency (center frequency) 2.4GHz (2,412-2,472MHz)
Channel 1 - 13ch
Basic transmission scheme IEEE 802 .11n: MIMO-OFDM method
.11 g of IEEE 802: OFDM method
IEEE 802 .11b: DS-SS method
Line speed (theoretical value) IEEE 802 .11n: Up to 300Mbps (40MHz time)
.11 g of IEEE 802: Up to 54Mbps
IEEE 802 .11b: Up to 11Mbps
Antenna Two built-in antennas (two transmission, reception two)
Security WPA-Mixed (WPA/WPA2
Encryption system: TKIP/AES, authentic method: PSK)
WPA2 (encryption system: AES, authentic method: PSK)
WPA (encryption system: AES, authentic method: PSK)
WEP (key length: 64bit/128bit, key format: ASCII/Hex)
No code
Access control (MAC address filter)
Multi-SSID Correspondence (two maximum enrollment)
WPS Correspondence (the button deployment, PBC/PIN method)
Separator function SSID separator (AP mode time invalidity) / privacy separator
□Wired LAN part
Correspondence standard IEEE 802 .3u (100BASE-TX) / IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T)
Terminal RJ-45 type 8 pole X 1 port (WAN X 1, LAN X 1)
Auto MDI/MDI-X Correspondence
Automatic negotiation Correspondence
□Router part
Equipment mode Router mode (initial setting), access point mode
Correspondence protocol TCP/IP (IPv4) ※IPv6 non-correspondence
WAN setting DHCP / fixation IP / PPPoE (1 session)
LAN setting DHCP server (effective / invalidity), fixed IP address
VPN connection IPsec pass-through, PPTP pass-through, L2TP pass-through
□Other Specifications
Power supply connector USB(microB)
Input power supply DC5V, 0.5A
Power consumption Approximately 2W (maximum)
Dimensions (width X D X H) About width 56 X D 42 X 13.5mm in height
Weight : Approximately 23 g (only as for the body)
Various acquisition standards VCCI (class B), TELEC,RoHS
Term of a guarantee One year