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Wireless LAN Portable router with card reader


It is wireless LAN Portable router corresponding to 11bgn 300Mbps. We can easily use Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) just to be able to connect to wired LAN of hotel. It is with card reader and can share the memory via Wi-Fi.

Wireless LAN Portable router (WRH-300CRWH) with card reader
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Model number / lineup

Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
Wireless LAN Portable router (WRH-300CRBK) with card reader WRH-300CRBK
< Black > 11bgn 300Mbps (theoretical value) 4,210 yen (tax-excluded) It is limited to stock
Wireless LAN Portable router (WRH-300CRWH) with card reader WRH-300CRWH
< White > 11bgn 300Mbps (theoretical value) 4,210 yen (tax-excluded) It is limited to stock

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Features of product

Card reader function deployment high speed Wi-Fi Portable router WRH-300CRXX series

We access video and music simply in whereabouts! We are equipped with card reader function

Access simple by data of SD card and microSD card via Wi-Fi!

We are equivalent to SD card (SDXC card), microSD card (SDXC card), USB storage (flash memory, USB-HDD).
Sharing is easily available for data in memory via Wi-Fi!
It is usable as outside storage in the same wireless LAN environment.
※When you use USB-HDD, please use in Self-powered (feeding from AC adapter).
 In addition, this side of the body recommends feeding from AC adapter, too.

Media  Maximum Capacity
SD card 2GB
SD card (High Spped) 2GB
SD card (Pro High Speed) 2GB
SD card (Class2, 4, 6.10) 2GB
SDHC card (Class2, 4, 6.10) 64GB
SDHC card (UHS-I) 64GB
SDXC card (Class6, 10) 128GB
SDXC card (UHS-I) 128GB
Media  Maximum Capacity
microSD card 2GB
microSDHC card (Class2, 4, 6.10) 32GB
microSDHC card (UHS-I) 64GB
microSDXC card (Class6, 10) 64GB
microSDXC card (UHS-I) 64GB
USB memory 64GB
※Please use AC adapter separately
※One HDD is limited to constitution

※The use using USB hub memory leader writer is out of performance guarantee.

We can enjoy Video which we take by exclusive application and saved and music that we downloaded easily!

We are connected to wired LAN in whereabouts and, via Wi-Fi, can enjoy video which we take and saved and music that we downloaded in PC, smartphone tablet easily♪

We reproduce music and video of SD card and microSD card, file which we want to read including photograph!

Other than automatic transfer, individual file transfer is possible, too. We choose only file which wants to perform movement (copy) optionally and can exchange between smartphone ⇔ outside storages (SD card, USB memory, portable hard disk) freely. As music can reproduce, other than photograph and video, utilization scene spreads out.

We prepare for simple smartphone application

We download exclusive application "SkyLink PortableCloud". Troublesome setting to see video and music is unnecessary.

SkyLink PortableCloud

SkyLink PortableCloud downloading (for Andoroid / iOS)

Even business trips such as hotels support high-speed Wireless LAN11n easily

We bring into hotel providing Internet service by wired LAN and are only connected to wired LAN terminal installed in each room, and the Internet by Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) communication becomes available easily.

※Depending on hotel, certification work by Web browser may be necessary.

※Feeding with attached USB cable and feeding by AC for smartphone of Sold separately are necessary separately.
※We assume use in Japan and are designed. Product guarantee is effective only in Japan.

As they cope with approximately 4 times of LTE line, high-speed Wi-Fi communication of 11ngb300Mbps becoming the speed of approximately 32 times of 3G line, reproduction of video, music and development of attached file email belonging to are comfortable.

※It is speed comparison between LTE line (75Mbps) of au iPhone5 and 3G line (9.2Mbps) and Wi-Fi connection 300Mbps by theoretical maximum, and real speed changes by environment.

It is equipped with PPPoE function! It is usable at not only whereabouts but also home

This product is equipped with not only DHCP function that we can set in whereabouts but also PPPoE function to set at home.
It is item which can be useful of the part of two per person.

The function cordless handset mode deployment not to be only router function, and to be usable

We can make Network apparatus having wired LAN port Wireless by changing This product to cordless handset mode.

With compact which does not interfere even when going out as for the carrying around easily!

As the product body is very compact, to carry; easily! We enter breast pocket and inside pocket of suit completely.

Video, book, music distribution service U-NEXT largest in Japan is free for 31 days

We can enjoy movie, drama animation in every radio equipment. It is free now for 31 days!

Setting simple by exclusive application even as for preparation smartphone / tablet!

We only read bundled QR code, and input of troublesome encrypting key provides unnecessary simple setting application.

Setting simple even as for smartphone / tablet application

Setting simple by the setting setting Wizard deployment simple according to screen

We can set up setting of difficult router easily. After having accessed router, we only input necessary matter according to instructions of screen, and setting is completed.

Setting simple by the setting Wizard deployment

It is prohibition privacy separator by communication between wireless personal computer

We can prohibit access (access to joint ownership folders) between wireless personal computer connecting to Wireless main phone when we use privacy separator function. When we plurally use Wireless main phone, for security protection of user, we recommend that we use privacy separator function.


□Wireless LAN part
Wireless LAN standard IEEE 802 .11n/g/b
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz (2,412-2,472MHz)
Channel 1 - 13ch
Basic transmission scheme 11n: MIMO-OFDM method
11 g: OFDM method
11b: DS-SS method
Data transmission rate (theoretical value) 11n: Up to 300Mbps (40MHz time *1)
11 g: Up to 54Mbps
11b: Up to 11Mbps
Antenna system Two built-in antennas (*2 transmission and reception)
Encryption system Invalidity (there is no code), WEP(64bit/128bit), WPA-PSK(TKIP/AES), WPA2-PSK(AES), WPA/WPA2, Mixed(TKIP/AES)
Security SSID (stealth bomber)
Multi-SSID (two maximum enrollment)
SSID separator (AP mode time invalidity)
Privacy separator
Access control (MAC address filtering)
Setting method WPS (button /PIN)

※It is 20MHz (150Mbps) in the early period of 1. When you use at 300Mbps, please setting-change to 40MHz

□Wired LAN part
Correspondence standard IEEE 802 .3u (100BASE-TX) / IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T)
<Connector> WAN: RJ-45x1 port
Auto MDI/MDI-X Correspondence
Automatic negotiation Correspondence
□Router, other general specification
Equipment mode Router mode (initial value)
Access point mode
Wireless cordless handset (converter) mode
Routing-response protocol TCP/IP (IPv4)
Internet (WAN) Connection method We have access to the PPPoE certification (1 session)
We have access to the IP address automatic acquisition (DHCP client)
We have access to IP address fixation
LAN Connection method setting Fixed IP address (manual setting)
VPN connection IPSec pass-through, PPTP pass-through, L2TP pass-through
Power supply connector form USB (microB)
Input power supply DC5V, 0.5A
Power consumption (rating) Approximately 3.4W (maximum)
Operating environment Temperature 0-40 degrees Celsius, humidity 10-90%
Various acquisition standards VCCI (class B)
Dimensions (width X D X H) Approximately 24mm in width X 65mm in depth X 18mm in height
Weight : Approximately 25 g (main body)
Corresponding SD card SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card
Corresponding microSD card microSD card, microSDHC card, microSDXC card
Corresponding USB apparatus USB flash memory, external USBHDD
※When you use external USBHDD, please use AC adapter separately.
Correspondence format FAT,FAT32,NTFS,exFAT
Correspondence file format Image: .jpg/.png./.gif/.bmp
Music: .mp3/.wav/.m4a/.aac
Video: .np4/.mov/.3gp/.m4v
Text: .txt/.pdf/.csv/.dox/.docx/.xls/.xlsx/.ppt/.pptx/.xml
※Depending on terminal to use, we may not work.

※We do not cope with IPv6 communication and NGN IPv4 service (service information site or virus clear) of FLET'S light next. In addition, PPPoE multi-session function and port transfer, DMZ, DDNS function are not equipped, but general Internet connection, the use by Wi-Fi game do not have any problem.

Main product structure The product body: One, USB cable (approximately 30cm) for feeding: One, Manual: Two pieces, setting information sheet: Trial version serial number special for one piece, Icarus Mobile security 90 days
※We do not bundle LAN cable.

The correspondence OS (PC)

  • ※Mac OS X is limited to use in plane mounted with CPU made by Intel.
  • ※The correspondence OS is limited all to Japanese OS. It is necessary for PC to carry one of the OS's mentioned above.
  • ※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone 7Plus/7/SE/6sPlus/6S/6Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS
  • Windows Phone
  • Android smartphone Ver2 .3-4.4
  • iPad/iPad2/iPad where iPad Air2/Air/iPad Retina/ is new
  • iPad mini3/iPad mini Retina/iPad mini
  • Windows tablet (RT/8)
  • Android tablet Ver2 .3-4.4
  • Windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Mac OS after 10.5 (※) ※Only plane mounted with CPU made by Intel supports.
Game apparatus
  • 3DS LL/3DS
  • DSi LL/DS Lite/DS※
  • PS Vita TV/PS Vita/PSP Go/PSP
  • PS4/PS3
  • Wii/Wii U
  • Xbox360
※It becomes available by setting change from initial state. Please confirm Manual about setting method from our site.
  • Kindle Fire HD/Kindle Fire/Kindle Paperwhite
  • Rakuten kobo/kobo Touch/kobo mini

※The latest correspondence situation, please identify correspondence table page.