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4 port USB hubs


"Stylish, compact Self-powered Bus powered 4 port USB hub which was equipped with convenient function when there was for common use. "

4 port USB hub (U2H-TZ410SBK)
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Model number / lineup

Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
4 port USB hub (U2H-TZ410SBK) U2H-TZ410SBK
< Black > 3,000 yen (tax-excluded)
4 port USB hub (U2H-TZ410SSV) U2H-TZ410SSV
〈 Silver 〉 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) The sale end

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Features of product

●4 stylish, compact port USB hubs (1.0m)

It is 4 stylish port USB hubs which we can install in the PC circumference clearly. We can use without choosing setting place by super compact design.

Color prepares two kinds of Black and silver. Cable length is 1.0m that can be connected relaxedly.

< Black >

〈 Silver 〉

● Both Self-powered & Bus powered correspondence

Bus powered fashion is fashion to supply power supply of connected USB apparatus from Universal Serial Bus port on the PC side. In Bus powered mode, apparatus which can be connected is limited to little USB apparatuses of power consumption including mouse and numeric keypad, but because we do not use AC Adapter, we take, and mawashi is easy. When you connect big USB apparatus of power consumption such as scanner or external drive, please use with Self-powered mode to supply electricity to using attached AC Adapter.
※When we use in Bus powered mode, consumption current of connected apparatus is less than each port 100mA and consumption electric current of total 4 ports is available at less than 400mA.

● Swing connector adoption that it is easy to manage


● We can fix in strong magnet

As USB connector adopts swing connector that lateral direction can turn 180 degrees, we can adjust to direction that wiring is easy to do in total at position of Universal Serial Bus port of PC.
We equip the back side with neodymium magnet and can fix the hub body to steel side including steel desk in one-touch.

● We are working under chief for Universal Serial Bus port


● Side port Specifications

Cover cap for Universal Serial Bus port preventing adhesion of dust and garbage to port which we do not use is attached.  
We interfere port of right and left even if we connect wide USB apparatus in side port Specifications which equipped the side only with 1 port, and we do not have to worry not to be able to connect other USB apparatuses.

● USB2.0 High Speed Mode correspondence

It is high-speed type corresponding to High Speed Mode of USB 2.0 proud of transfer speed of up to 480Mbps to. We can connect conventional USB1.1 device, too.
※In WindowsMe/98, MacOS8 .6-9 .x, we do not do action in High Speed Mode.

Specifications of product

4 port USB hub (U2H-TZ410SBK)

"Stylish, compact Self-powered Bus powered 4 port USB hub which was equipped with convenient function when there was for common use. "

Interface: USB 2.0 (it is compatible with USB1.1 and, at the time of USB1.1 Interface connection, works)
Connector type: The PC side (Upstream Port): USB(A)male, the USB apparatus side (Downstream Port): USB(A)female X 4
Supported devices: Windows8, 7(SP1), Vista (SP2), XP(SP3)/Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.6.8/OS X 10.7 - 10.7.5, 10.8 - 10.8.2
Maximum transfer speed 480Mbps ※In USB2.0 High Speed Mode ※It is theoretical value
The number of the up stream (the PC side) ports 1 port
The number of the down stream (the peripheral device side) ports 4 ports
USB cable method The body and built-in cable
The USB cable head 1.0m
Power supply method For two uses of Self-powered (use of AC adapter) and USB Bus powered
Can supply; electric current Self-powered time: Total 4 ports less than 1,900mA, Bus powered time: 4 ports, up to a total of 400mA
The DC cable head (AC adapter) 1.8m ※excluding connector
Color: < Black >
Dimensions: 20mm in width X 66.2mm in depth X 20mm in height ※excluding cable We remove protrusion.
Weight 46 g
Operating environment Temperature 0 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius, humidity 10-85% (thing without dew condensation)
Accessories: Cover cap X 4 for Universal Serial Bus port, exclusive AC Adapter X 1
Available area As This product assumes power supply in Japan and is designed, it is not available out of Japan.
The electrical equipment security method PSE conformity (AC adapter)
Term of a guarantee Six months
Others Magnet incorporation, USB swing connector

※The latest correspondence information of this product is this.

※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.