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Bluetooth (R) USB adapter (Class2)


BluetoothVer.4.0USB host adapter for BluetoothLowEnergy

Bluetooth (R) USB adapter (Class2)(LBT-UAN05C2)
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Bluetooth (R) USB adapter (Class2)(LBT-UAN05C2) LBT-UAN05C2
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Features of product

Stack "Bluesoleil" made in tip adoption IVT company made by CSR Ltd. adoption

We adopt stack "BlueSoleil" made in tip +IVT company made by reliable CSR Ltd.
Bluetooth® protocol stack "BlueSoleil" which "IVT" company developed is Bluetooth® software of world TOP class carried to more than 20000000 products more than 150 adoption.
We cope to Bluetooth®v2.1/ 3.0/ 4.0 and the latest Specifications, and profile is substantial, too.

Bluetooth®4.0-adaptive communication possibility distance is maximum; "a radius of 10m" (theoretical value)

Between various Bluetooth® deployment apparatuses, we realize wireless connection by being connected to PC of the Bluetooth non-deployment. As it is adapter which realized low power at small / light weight, we do not choose use place. Output class of Bluetooth® supports "Class2".
We can communicate, and distance is available for wireless connection at "a radius of 10m" at the maximum. (distance is theoretical value.)

We correspond to Supported Profiles industry most (the February, 2014 we investigation) large number of profile!

It is equipped with profiles more than double putting on Windows by stack adoption made in IVT company as standard equipment ※We are doing.
We realize wide wireless connection environment that started from PC by connecting This product to PC of the Bluetooth® non-deployment.

※The February, 2014 we investigation

  • Have access to dial up on the Internet through Bluetooth®-adaptive cell-phone; high-speed packet transmission
  • It is transferred schedule book and telephone book between Bluetooth®-adaptive cell-phone and PDA and PC
  • Image is transferred to PC by Bluetooth®-adaptive cell-phone
  • Communicate with Bluetooth® headset; and use on Skype
  • It is wireless with input devices such as mouse or keyboard
  • It is wireless by the output to printer

In addition, it is equipped with A2DP receiver function to make your PC available as iPhone and speaker of smartphone by driver attached to This product.
In addition, operation such as reproduction, music forwarding, stop of Supported Devices is possible from the PC side as we support AVRCP.

Because is small size, light weight; very small Dimensions of "approximately 2.0 g" most suitable for mobile PC

When we connect to mobile PC when we attach to PC as not only there is little jumping out, but also is low power and carry, it is convenient.
In addition, you can use Bluetooth®4.0 for electric power saving called Bluetooth®Low Energy in peace in Mobile environment as you realize power consumption cut of up to 60% in This product in standard with Features.

Specifications of product

Bluetooth (R) USB adapter (Class2)(LBT-UAN05C2)

BluetoothVer.4.0USB host adapter for BluetoothLowEnergy

Supported devices: Apparatus to Bluetooth 1.2-3.0 and Bluetooth apparatus for Ver.4.0/LE
Supported PCs (USB adapter) PC which Windows to support works, and has USB 2.0 port by default
The correspondence OS (USB adapter) Each Windows 10(32bit/64bit) edition, each Windows 8/8.1(32bit/64bit) edition, each Windows 7 (32/64bit) edition, each Windows Vista (32/64bit) edition
Bluetooth performance Bluetooth Ver.4.0 Dual mode(EDR and LE correspondence) Class 2
Radido frequency 2.4000-2.4835GHz
Frequency Modulation FHSS
Communication Range Connection with Class 2 up to 10m (theoretical value) Class 2 apparatus: Recommended up to 5m (we may shorten by ※ use environment)
Connector type: USB type A
Housing materials (color) < Black >
Input Voltage 5V (we feed from Universal Serial Bus port)
Dimensions (width X D X H) 19.0mm *12.8mm *6.1mm
Weight : Approximately 2 g
Term of a guarantee One year
Laws and ordinances correspondence TELEC
Accessories: Manual (guarantee memo)

※The latest correspondence information of this product is this.

※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.