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Pocket type hearing aid


Simple operation, pocket type usable easily. Pocket type hearing aid making it easy to hear Audio of conversation and TV radio.

Pocket type hearing aid (EHA-PA01GY)
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Model number / lineup

Model number /JANCD Features Standard price Remarks
Pocket type hearing aid (EHA-PA01GY) EHA-PA01GY
Gray 38,310 yen (tax-excluded)
Pocket type hearing aid (EHA-PA01NV) EHA-PA01NV
Navy 38,310 yen (tax-excluded)
Pocket type hearing aid (EHA-PA01PN) EHA-PA01PN
〈 Pink 〉 38,310 yen (tax-excluded)

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Features of product

Three gentleness

Simple operation to make it easy to hear Audio of conversation and TV radio, pocket type hearing aid usable easily.
By maximum output sound pressure 143dB (the peak value) and the high output, it is available toward the hearing loss of slight average degree, altitude.
Gentleness that This product considered usability to "easy hearing aid" is jam-packed.

1.How to use is easy
Simple operation that attaches earphone to ear, and only switches on. It is available for sense such as portable radio casually.
2: We adjust easily
Simple design that you can coordinate at hand. We can adjust with one Switch and are available immediately.
3. Convenient function
It is equipped with convenient function only by hearing aid including noise restraint function and sonic boom reduction function that can reduce sudden loud sound.

Color variations

  • EHA-PA01GY <gray>



  • EHA-PA01NV <navy>



  • EHA-PA01PN <pink>


    〈 Pink 〉

It is comfortable by the noise restraint circuit deployment

We reduce range of H (yes) low tone increasing range of the N (normal) whole and emphasize range of high-pitched tone

We can choose range that it is easy to hear by change of N (normal sound quality) and H (treble boost sound quality) and can spend time comfortably. Ambient noise of the circumference is loud, and please use H (treble boost sound quality) mode at time to be worried about sound of case that conversation is hard to hear and low level.

Compact Dimensions which is convenient for carrying around

It is compact Dimensions like pocket radio which is convenient to carry. When we put in the breast pockets and use, there is convenient clip.

Output limiting facility to hold sonic boom in check

There is output restrictions Switch holding the strong output in check. Sound and tableware that door closes with a slam hold loud sounds such as whomps in check if we make output restrictions <LO>. ※In the case of <N>, it does not take output restrictions

Eight phases of volume adjustment

To hearing, we can regulate eight phases by simple operation. We cope with any life scene smoothly and support comfortable everyday life.

One ear type of right and left combined use

Earphone is one ear type to stay, and not to be worried about feeling of sound. Even the right ear can attach even the left ear. Even if right and left whichever can hear by special design, it is available without sense of incongruity.

Storing porch is attached

Exclusive storing porch is attached.

Three kinds of selectable earplugs

The small, average very much

(M), small (S) and three kinds of ear caps are attached in large (MM) so that a feeling of fitting is available. ※When earplugs are tense and are lost, please buy earplugs sold separately.

It is most suitable for gift

With package of box type, it is most suitable for gifts.

Each part name

Specifications of product

Pocket type hearing aid (EHA-PA01GY)

Simple operation, pocket type usable easily. Pocket type hearing aid making it easy to hear Audio of conversation and TV radio.

Color: Gray
General name Pocket type hearing aid
Adaptation hearing loss degree Slight average degree, altitude
Earphone One ear (analog type), Cord length 80cm
Use battery Four single dry cell (Sold separately)
Battery life Approximately 330 hours
Body dimensions Width 50 X depth 14 X 50mm in height
Body weight 33 g (battery distinction)
Standard frequency 1600Hz
Most crash gain 68dB ± 5dB
90dB maximum output sound pressure level (standard frequency) 138dB SPL ± 5dB, lower than (the peak value) 143dB SPL, (500Hz)127dB SPL
Output limit device
Sound quality adjuster
Accessories: Earplugs (the small, average very much), exclusive porch
Term of a guarantee One year
Managed care apparatus certification number The 224th AABZX00091000
Others TAIS cord: 01616-000001

※ Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.