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Broadband wired LAN router  


In correspondence with 100BASE-TX, cable transmission of up to 98.8Mbps is possible. In communication performance which is high in spite of being reasonable price, it is most suitable for Internet lines such as optical fiber, ADSL, CATV. Dimensions of half degree of product conventional as for the product body (width approximately 107* D approximately 72* approximately 25mm in height). We do not choose at all place with compact.

Broadband wired LAN router (BRC-FEBK)
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Broadband wired LAN router (BRC-FEBK) BRC-FEBK
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Features of product

It is merit or is

We realize high-speed throughput of FTP actual survey 98.8Mbps!
The Internet is available carelessly

We can connect with Internet on Yahoo! BB, light, various lines including cable TV. In addition, the Internet is available comfortably as we have high communication performance. We can enjoy the Internet and net game with several apparatuses in wiring comfortably. As we have function that can automatically distinguish line when we do not know the line of the use, we can easily connect.

We use the Internet in high-speed throughput of 98.8Mbps carelessly!

Product which is targeted for SkyLinkDDNS
Dynamic DNS is usable free!

SkyLinkDDNS is dynamic DNS service that is free, and is provided by person who registers, and uses target ELECOM or Logitec product.

In detail new registration, update of SkyLinkDDNS is>

Dynamic DNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is service to tie IP address to change at every this connection and nickname (subdomain) which had you register to automatically. We come to be able to easily perform accesses to exhibition and Network camera of home Web server by using this service. ※IP address assigned by provider has to be global IP address.

Merit is easy

We are not in trouble in setting place
Light weight, compact Dimensions

Body Dimensions realizes compact Dimensions of 107mm in width X 72mm in depth X 25mm in height. We come to various places by setting, use without taking space.

Lightweight & compact

Merit relief

Virus detectability factor of the best rank
We protect smartphone and tablet from every menace

We offer interval free of charge serial-key on "Icarus Mobile security for Android"90 day (we can register to up to three).
We can protect Android OS from every virus.

※It is application for exclusive use of Android. It does not support iOS.

Icarus Mobile security for Android

Security capability of relief
The URL / MAC address filter function deployment

URL filter function not to let you access URL including specific word. In addition, you can use in relieved Internet environment as it is equipped with MAC address filter function that can control apparatus which is available for Internet connection.

We confirm action with various apparatuses
Supported devices:

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Mac OS X 10.5-10.11
  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
Game console
Game console
  • Wii U / Wii
  • PS Vita TV / PS4 / PS3
  • Xbox360
Wireless printer
Wireless printer
  • Canon
  • HP
  • Epson
  • Brother
(Wi-Fi correspondence) TV
TV for Wi-Fi
(Wi-Fi correspondence) BD recorder
BD recorder for Wi-Fi
BD recorder

■Correspondence broadband (as of ※ March, 2014)

  • [FTTH service provision company]
    ・NTT East Japan (B FLET'S, FLET'S light next)
    ・NTT West Japan (B FLET'S, FLET'S light premium, FLET'S light next)
    ・UCOM (UCOM light)
    ・KDDI Corporation (au shines)
    ・K-Opticom (eo light)
    ・Communications (MEGAEGG)
    ・Kyushu communications network (BBIQ)
    ・STNet (Pikara)

  • [CATV service provision company]
    ・The J:COM Broadband companies (ZAQ) of the whole country
    ・TOKAI communications
    ・Toshima cable network
    ・Bay communications
    ・Akashi cable TV

  • [provider]
    ・So-net Entertainment (So-net)
    ・TOKAI communications (@TCOM)
    ・F bit communications (FiberBit)
    ・FUSION COMMUNICATIONS (Rakuten broadband)

  • [ADSL service provision company]
    ・NTT East Japan (FLET'S ADSL)
    ・NTT West Japan (FLET'S ADSL)
    ・SoftBank BB (Yahoo! BB ADSL)
    ・eAccess Ltd.
    ・KDDI Corporation (ADSL one)
    ・TOKAI communications

  • [video distribution service]
    ・U-NEXT Co., Ltd.
    ・Actvila Corporation

    • ※Please inform of inquiry about connection to us.
    • ※Please refrain from inquiry to each maker about operation check.
    • ※It may not reach prospective transmission rate even if we connect Wired part of This product to apparatus, line having further transmission rate to become correspondence to 100Mbps.


□WAN/ wired LAN part
Correspondence standard IEEE 802 .3u (100BASE-TX)
IEEE 802 .3 (10BASE-T)
Terminal WAN: RJ-45 X 1 port
LAN: RJ-45 X 4 port
Auto MDI/MDI-X Correspondence
Automatic negotiation Correspondence
□Router, other general specification
Use protocol TCP/IP
Internet Connection method We have access to the PPPoE certification (2 sessions)
We have access to the IP address automatic acquisition
We have access to IP address fixation
LAN Connection method setting Fixed IP address (automatically set) /DHCP server (automatically set)
VPN connection IPSec pass-through /L2TP pass-through /PPTP pass-through
Local server function Port forwarding, DMZ
DDNS SkyLink DDNS (ELECOM offer for free dynamic DNS service)
Security MAC address filtering /URL filtering
Other functions UPnP/IPv6 pass-through /LED power saving function /
DLNA pass-through※
Power consumption 0.7W
Input voltage range 100V
Dimensions (width X D X H) Width 107 X D 72 X 25mm in height
Weight : Approximately 86 g (we do not include AC adapter)
Term of a guarantee One year
※It is function to penetrate communication of DLNA Supported Devices.

■The correspondence OS (PC)

※Mac OS X is limited to use in plane mounted with CPU made by Intel.
※The correspondence OS is limited all to Japanese OS. It is necessary for PC to carry one of the OS's mentioned above.


Wired LAN broadband router 1
AC adapter 1
LAN cable (1m) 1
Various Manual Two pieces
IKARUS trial version serial card One piece