Mouse - Wired cabling type

Wired cabling type
We are connected with USB cable, PS/2 terminal cable,
It is type to wire that is battery-free. It is good to long-time work.
Indication of reading performance
  • ULTIMATE laser
    Glass side which is water-clear by applying technique of dark-field microscope, and detecting dynamic scattering by extremely minute irregularities and dust, as for the varnishes, use on every operation side is possibility.
  • Laser system
    We can pick up normal slight irregularities that we can detect if it is optical and is completely flat using LED by using interference phenomenon of laser beam.
  • Blue LED
    Wavelength is to use short blue light-emitting diode than red LED, and small irregularities and dust can work in glass side and Transparent sheet, high quality of carpet that light reflects and reaches sensor.
  • IR LED
    Using infrared rays LED having low operating voltage is optical. Power consumption is smaller than BlueLED and red LED, and battery of Wireless mouse lasts a long time.
  • Optical
    Of before using red LED is optical. It is method spreading most now.

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