Mouse - Wireless 2.4GHz wireless connection type

Wireless 2.4GHz connection type
Even if, by 2.4GH wireless connection, mouse and PC are far
We do not have to worry to break off with electric wave.
Indication of reading performance
  • ULTIMATE laser
    Glass side which is water-clear by applying technique of dark-field microscope, and detecting dynamic scattering by extremely minute irregularities and dust, as for the varnishes, use on every operation side is possibility.
  • Laser system
    We can pick up normal slight irregularities that we can detect if it is optical and is completely flat using LED by using interference phenomenon of laser beam.
  • Blue LED
    Wavelength is to use short blue light-emitting diode than red LED, and small irregularities and dust can work in glass side and Transparent sheet, high quality of carpet that light reflects and reaches sensor.
  • IR LED
    Using infrared rays LED having low operating voltage is optical. Power consumption is smaller than BlueLED and red LED, and battery of Wireless mouse lasts a long time.
  • Optical
    Of before using red LED is optical. It is method spreading most now.

USB mouse

"EX-G" series which was full of grip feelings

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