Keyboard - Bluetooth® connection type

Bluetooth® connection type
We can use without receiver if we integrate Bluetooth® into PC,
We can share with other radio equipment.

Metal dome type to be able to enjoy metal dome type feeling of light operation

Italian soft leather

Key touch same as pantograph type notebook PC

Standard type


  • Bluetooeh®3.0
  • Japanese 79 key
  • There is no numeric keypad
  • Multi-pairing
  • Key Caps change over
  • Stands function
  • We angle adjusted and function
  • With palm rest


Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard for iPad

Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard for iPad of tablet cover type that adopted software leather which the feel well had good

  •  < Black >
Dimensions (the keyboard body) 265.0mm in width X 457.0mm in depth X 9.0mm in height
Supported devices: 9.7 inches of iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Air 2
※We cannot attach Windows tablet /Android tablet.
※We do not cope with kana input of iOS.