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Balloon Sticker
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Balloon Sticker which puts on Glossy postcard, and can write message
PhotoSticker - EDT-TS series
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 Square shape: Eight *5 sheet   480 yen 
518 yen 
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 Oval: 12 *5 sheet   480 yen 
518 yen 
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Inkjet printer is for exclusive use Color ink correspondence Dye ink correspondence  ※Please use EPSON PM-4000PX in setting of PX ink.
 ※It does not support Matte Black ink.

● Balloon Sticker which puts on Glossy postcard, and can write message

Sticker cut by form of balloon has print or handwriting by lines; "burst into laughter, and is Sticker". We add lines by putting on photograph side of postcard using coated paper, and we attach message and comment that cannot tell only in photograph, and it is possible. As pasting up is possible if it is photograph of coated paper type, we can impress photographs such as albums with memory more happily by using.

● With one piece of examination paper

There is one piece of examination paper which is convenient for essay.

[label making software "ELECOM easy print" is exhibited]

We are releasing label making software "ELECOM easy print" corresponding to our paper-products on our homepage.
Even person who does not have label making software can enjoy the making of label card immediately. In addition, print material which is convenient for label card making is released. Please use.

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Article number EDT-TS8 EDT-TS12
One side Dimensions

W60mm X H16mm

W42 X H16mm
The number of labels 40 pieces (eight *5 sheet) 60 pieces (12 *5 sheet)
Type Square shape type (corner R finish) Oval type
Paper type Multi-print paper
Paper size W100 X H148mm (postcard Dimensions)
Paper thickness 0.167mm
Basis weight 143 g/m2