Key ring strap

Key ring strap

We print favorite photograph and only fit in frame and are kit which we can easily make key ring and strap for. You put photograph of child and pet and make matching key ring with friend and can enjoy in various Uses.

We can easily make original strap & key ring!

  • We cut paper

    Please cut paper out of the back side with paper which made prints along perforation.

  • We fit in frame

    We fit photograph which we clipped out in frame part of transparence.

  • We close the cap of frameCompletion

    We close the cap of frame. We fit well to the depths and are completed!


To key ring back or key

To strap cell-phones

Product concerned

Let's enjoy with handmade kit!

Do you not make original goods only for oneself?

Are you not worried about ink?

Refilling ink of ELECOM can largely reduce cost of print.

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