Handmade kit


It is handmade photobook which can make photograph of memory into collection of one photograph. As ring, cover, back cover for binding are bundled with photograph paper, we print and only stop at ring and can easily bind.

Key ring strap

We print favorite photograph and only fit in frame and are kit which we can easily make key ring and strap for.

Handmade tattoo Sticker

Using inkjet printer of home, it is kit which can easily make tattoo Sticker of original design.

Iron transfer paper

It is paper which can print iron to cloth for cloth such as commercial T-shirts using home iron with image which we printed with inkjet printer.

Round fan chooses

Using inkjet printer of home, it is kit which can easily make "handmade round fan" of original design and "we declare handcrafting".


We print favorite photograph and illustration, and original calendar is kit to be able to easily make.

Handmade sticker

With inkjet printer of home, we make sticker of original design simply! We have laminating Sticker protecting Sticker from transparence type to be able to make use of the groundwork in, white type water and sunlight that we can print colorfully.

Ticket paper

It is ticket paper which original ticket can easily make with inkjet printer. It can inflect in school festival and festival of neighborhood association, the second party of wedding ceremony, various Uses including admission ticket of private exhibition.