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Business card card
Is available by cut method, design; "assent. Business card"
It is paper which can enjoy the making of original business card using your printer. Other than business card card of standard white ivory color, we appeared on unique paper which enhanced design including Clough G minor and metal, sum pattern. Let alone business card for business, it is full lineup to be usable for the making of business card for private.
  • Just Dimensions
    As we are cut beforehand, it is easy without trouble. We are finished neatly.
  • Microsewing machine cut
    It is type to separate with minute sewing machine trace. Edge is finished neatly.
  • Clear-cut
    It is type to tear off falsely bonded part. The finish is beautiful.
  • sokusetsu clear-cut
    It is division dekirumasu in shinseihosokusetsu clear-cut neatly quickly.
Just Dimensions Microsewing machine cut Clear-cut sokusetsu clear-cut  

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