Paper, label

Cut sheet

Which "we want to leave important photograph neatly" prepares for wide lineup to be able to choose paper which is most suitable for request of customer "whom which "we want to distribute a lot of photographs" wants to print document or menu on in large quantities" in total.

Craft paper

It is craft paper which is most suitable for three-dimensional POP or paperwork with superior quick-drying and strong waist.

Card paper

It is card paper which had unique paper enhancing design including Clough G minor other than business card card of standard white ivory color. Let alone business card for business, it is card papar which is usable in private.

Label paper

The name of belongings such as CD/DVD label jacket card to be able to make with printer of home, stationery of child is dated and has usable name label, various types of labels including label which is usable for filing of documents and rearranging of miscellaneous goods.

Handmade kit

It is handmade kit to print favorite illustration and photograph with printer, and to be able to easily make. We prepare convenient print material. Let's enjoy product with printer paper of ELECOM!

Copy prevention paper

It is copy prevention paper which you can make use of for management such as documents which want to prevent manipulation, document of important meeting, Manual in the company, documents, prescription, ticket needing original confirmation, certificate in the company.

Product concerned