Reduction - cloud type NAS state management service NAS sees operational load

Reduction - cloud type NAS state management service NAS sees operational load

To see NAS?

NAS state management service available gratis

It is cloud type NAS management service available gratis on using NAS product "NSB series" made of ELECOM.
As we can consolidate with PC of system administrator via the Internet without operation by Web browser being possible, and choosing OS environment, we can reduce burden on operational management of NAS product.

Cloud type NAS state management service which does not choose use place

We can confirm information of NAS which we registered by cloud service anywhere anytime.

※It is necessary for reading terminal looking at NAS targeted for management and NAS to be connected to the Internet.

Cloud type NAS state management service

External storage, offer of abundant status information including UPS information

Other than status information of the NAS body, "external storage" connected to NAS can identify "UPS" information.

Offer of abundant status information

UPS information

※ Please confirm correspondence UPS from this.

※ The above becomes presentation image.

Various notice functions to promote quick obstacle correspondence

[notice of event]

We notify notice event log of recorded abnormal detective information by email.

[notice of periodical report] NEW

We notify of every operation information of registered NAS by email for one day a month by validating notice of monthly email setting if "we see NAS".

"Notice of event," it is up to six for "notice of periodical report" ※We can transmit of this to e-mail address.
※Other than account e-mail address at the time of use registration to look at NAS, we can add any five mail addresses.

List of notice event log which is helpful as trouble measures (we cope with CSV file download)

We can confirm detective information of NAS targeted for management than "list of notice event log". Indication that is - of the sky about abnormal detective information other than offer of system information of the NAS body. We rouse Caution to manager.

In addition, we cope with CSV file download of "list of notice event log".
Flexible system management to operating environment of customer, information utilization are enabled and contribute to operational load reduction.

List of notice event log

Offer of statistics graph information to watch stable operation of NAS

Particularly important "CPU" provides "memory" load factor and "HDD" inside temperature information by graph indication for stable operation confirmation index of NAS. Because you can grasp the operation situation of NAS in time series by graph indication, you can utilize as operational plan of NAS and obstacle prophylaxis.

Offer of statistics graph information

It can inflect as NAS asset management and downloads CSV file of NAS product information

Downloading is possible as CSV file in MAC address of product and NAS basic information such as serial number or setting place information. It has been introduced unspecified number of the general public and can inflect as asset management tool of NAS.

CSV file downloading of NAS product information

Reliable access in consideration for security

As for the communication of "we see NAS", it is the best direction communication from NAS targeted for management to "datacenter to look at NAS". (it may not be directly connected NAS from data center to look at to NAS.) In addition, communication data are encrypted by https.

Reliable access

Access method to "we see NAS" environmental access method, recommended reading

"We see NAS" is cloud type, NAS management service. We have you log in to site exclusive than Internet connection environment and access page for exclusive use of customer.

Access method to "we see NAS"

Recommended reading environment of Web screen "looking at NAS"

Please use latest version of each following Web browsers.

Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Microsoft Edge

It is one-stop service of reduction ELECOM in operational load of system person in charge

From "introduction" to "operational" "maintenance," ELECOM supports customer by one stop by having ELECOM is technique, consultation charges free of charge and utilize support service to offer, option maintenance service available.

One-stop service of ELECOM

1. Homepage

eresapo We show around common inquiry, correspondence information, Manual on the Internet.

2. Support dial

Technique, consultation charges are unnecessary. It is service to be available only with telephone rates of (navigator dial) common throughout the whole country. We cope with trouble of customer thoroughly!

3. Maintenance service menu

As well as standard sendobakku repair, we prepare for various maintenance menus with option.

As we prepare for maintenance pack until up to five years, it is available in peace for a long term.

Supported product which looks at NAS

Linux NAS

NSB-7A series NEW! September 26 (service correspondence)

NSB-5A series NEW! September 26 (service correspondence)

Windows NAS

WSS2012R2 model

NAS made by Logitec

WSS2016 model