Discussion HEALTH CARE FOR WOMAN GIRLS TALK which is tired of kuta woman

The times when woman shines in both work and private.
In various industries, woman has new wind.
However, of women doing their best with it busily every day
As for "the tired voice" here and there.
With body worn-out by work and housework,
Of women who decreased at time to console oneself,
We listened to real trouble.

Discussion TALK MEMBERS which is tired of kuta woman

In PC work and everyday living
We are troubled with stiff shoulder or fatigue of leg
Girl of various occupations gathers!

  • YUI KITAGAKI Yui Kitagaki

    Occupation: Flower shop staff

    A lot of work having heavy baggage
    To dissolve leg and tiredness of the hand
    In massage parlor under coming and going.

  • YOKO HIROKAWA Yoko Hirokawa

    Occupation: Brokerage firm female office worker

    In PC to shoulder and neck
    Chronic stiffness. Diligently
    We stretch,
    We do not readily get stiffness.

  • KEI ONOMICHI Onomichi Kay

    Occupation: Model

    Such as the Shinkansen or airplane
    A lot of long time movement
    Swelling and fatigue of leg are troubled.

  • MAI NAKAHASHI Mai Nakahashi

    Occupation: English conversation lecturer

    The making of correction and text
    When what "we write" increases,
    We feel stiffness of shoulder and neck.

  • KANAMI AIHARA Aihara kanamisan

    Occupation: Apparel shop staff

    Stand; fatigue of foot by work
    Trouble. We can easily do it
    We want to know leg massage.

Trouble of kuta woman

Do you not have such a trouble, too?
  • TYPE1 fatigue foot, swelling

    What would tired foot, swelling "leg Dal" do?

    It is slow in bath as soon as we went home
    While painting with body cream
    By own hand massage
    We do,
    We know neither strength nor key point well,
    "There is not meaning" thinks.

    Had massage; on that day
    If we work commonly
    It is thing anytime in 2.3 days
    We return to tired leg.

    Electric massager Collor

    Because you can massage casually, be refreshed every night
    We can sleep from this.
    For work of every morning
    We can go comfortably.

    There is not obstructive cord and is easy to use because it is light.
    Vibration includes three modes
    , and "strong", is nisurutosugoi.
    We feel have good circulation of body!

    Angle of roller is just right and works for ankle.
    We are only tubby while looking at TV,
    We feel fine
    at leg.

    “ State of "real discussion" is this


    Vibrator HCM-V01series

    • Vibrator for general name family
    • Medical equipment certification number 228AGBZX00097000
    • Power supply USB Charge type
    • Vibration time a little over several: Approximately 6,200 times/m weak: Approximately 5,400 times/m
    • Dimensions approximately 82mm in width X 80.5mm in depth X 220mm in height
    • Approximately 260 g of Weight (except USB cable)
    • Color pink blue
    • USB cable (approximately 0.5m) for exclusive use of Contents
  • It is management from TYPE2 body

    What would you do to management "fat" from body?

    Because of the profession, I go to gym every day, and I measure with body composition meter.
    As well as the weight, measure quantity of body fat and muscle, basal metabolic rate,
    We use as a guide
    of the making of body.

    Body composition hello in total

    In men more than 40 generations half,
    Is in the 30s; one of three people
    We hide and seem to be metabolic.

    At first know state of own body,
    Then it is effective to make a plan of dieting and exercise!

    With MRI method, it is dan to chest lower ... waist top
    We perform calculation of internal organs fat from 24 pieces of layer images
    It is ru method.
    We measure from one piece of tomogram
    It is internal organs fat more exactly than CT method to do
    We can
    measure quantity.

    “ State of "real discussion" is this


    Body composition HCS-FS01series in total

    • Up to 150 kg of biggest measurements
    • 2.5-100 kg of measurement units: 50 g of units, 100 kg of -: 100 g of units
    • Measurement parameter BMI, percent of body fat, skeletal muscle rate, internal organs fat level, bone mass, basal metabolic rate
    • Four user enrollment
    • *3 power supply single 4 form dry cell
    • Dimensions about width 303 X depth 283 X 23mm in height
    • Approximately 1.4 kg of Weight (except dry cell)
    • Color white Black red
  • TYPE3 stiff shoulder, waist stiffness

    What would you do to stiff shoulder, waist stiffness "stiffness?"

    Because we look at PC screen all day, at first eyes are tired,
    From there on neck and shoulder.
    The whole upper body becomes consistent.

    Work that keeps on standing me all day. Heavy baggage
    We often carry this, and fatigue
    piles up to whole body
    ru. It is ko tteruke for massage parlor regularly
    do. Time is money mokakara more easily, too
    There should be few method.

    Low frequency treatment device riff Lee

    In days as for the fatigue on the day
    It dissolves in this.
    We are felt fine properly every day
    We do and want to leave fatigue on the next day
    It is good to few person!

    Without choosing place, anytime in Smart
    Usable Dimensions. Fatigue of work work
    We can clear while doing.

    “ State of "real discussion" is this


    Low frequency treatment device HCM-P01series

    • Low frequency treatment device for general name family
    • Medical equipment certification number 228ADBZX00037000
    • Power supply USB Charge type
    • Vibration number of times up to approximately 550Hz
    • Dimensions about φ 44mm x 11mm in height
    • Approximately 13 g of Weight
    • Color blue pink
    • Contents gel pad (2 Point Pad) X 1, exclusive USB cable X 1,
      Seat X 1 for storage, storing porch X 1