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ELECOM Healthcare mag Vol.02

Maiko Akutagawa X eclair riff Lee cordless low frequency treatment device

Maiko Akutagawa
It was born in April 17. We are resident in Tokyo. Mother of 1 child.
We make our debut as model at 14 years old and it is too big stress in pursuit of superficial beauty and we are in poor physical condition and fall into at 19 years old in those days. We try various nature cures to pursue mental and physical recovery and the genuine beauty triggered by the event. It was the first encounter with yoga to have learned the basics to mother who had been practicing yoga for many years in that. Not only we revived mind and body, but also yoga brought influence by view and way of life.

  • Beautiful heart and body to make with POINT01 yoga
  • We deepen yoga more in POINT02 "ekuriarifuri"

By combination of yoga and low frequency treatment device, both heart and body are beautiful in health

yoga to be said to have begun in 2000-3000 age in India B.C. It became global boom as hygiene to be able to perform in the 90s in the 1970s without asking age and physical strength and infiltrated Japan. That yoga population of Japan amounts more than 1 million people now, and "men's yoga" is boom among not only woman but also men recently. It is Maiko Akutagawa of yoga instructor model to have interviewed this time. It is played an active part in TV CM or magazine widely while we preside over place "crystal clear yoga academy" learning self-search and harmony with nature through yoga. "ekuriarifuri" which ELECOM developed what such Akutagawa used habitually recently. It is low frequency treatment device to be able to ease stiffness and pain of muscle pleasantly easily. We felt effect that we did well that performed, and seemed to receive electric therapy and seemed to be totally surprised at manipulative treatment to be light, and to compactize, and to be more cordless, and to be able to use anywhere. We asked about the direction for uses to utilize method to prepare heart and body in yoga in good health beautifully and "ekuriarifuri" in interview of this issue, and to raise performance of yoga, the secret, besides, to keep health and beauty of Akutagawa you.


Beautiful heart and physical how to make that yoga instructor Maiko Akutagawa talks about

The sports-like side of yoga is featured in Akutagawa reason, late years, and weight is apt to be put in posing well, but originally we keep mental and physical balance soundly, and yoga seems to be "wisdom of life" for it to be to oneself to want to become. yoga is word to express harmony in meaning "concluding" with Sanskrit. About recommended how to use of importance of taking mental and physical harmony this time and "ekuriarifuri", we asked about story

"Beauty" wakes by adjusting the mental and physical balance

—What kind of one which may be good is it when we begin yoga?

By "state of person practicing yoga, effect changes, too. For example, necessary element of heart and body of the person is supplemented by yoga when flexibility increases if it is physical obstinate person and is accompanied by muscle if it is person that there is little muscle quantity, and there is relaxation effect to person feeling fatigue and stress. In that way overall harmony is removed, and person original charm, beauty are drawn"

At first it is important to have sense of purpose. For example, decide that you certainly practice yoga on that day


—How was it changed Akutagawa you after starting yoga?

"At first we came to feel rice to be delicious. It takes its ease to get up in the morning, and the whole life is impression that one tone rose. They get muscle, too, and, as for the percent of body fat, 18%, internal age keep 18 years old. And we were seized only with appearance before, but were able to notice each person when "beauty" was different. Occupation called model is so, too, but I like beautiful thing including music and art and think that I pursue the beauty throughout the life. It was possible for certain axis in oneself by making "it was beautiful, or is it not so?" criterion of things in that

—We are busy and cannot readily get time, is there art that continues practicing yoga every day?

"At first it is important to have sense of purpose. For example, we can notice, "we are produced at time by deciding when we certainly practice yoga once a week on that day even if busy". In addition, morning may be difficult in busy Japan, but does yoga at home in India in morning. We can have mind of yoga in daily life by performing the breathing method if we can get time in five minutes, and continuing in a short time"

—May it be minded Akutagawa other than the yoga to keep beauty of mind and body?

"Meal has fresh thing in a good balance particularly fresh vegetables adopt every meal. We drink water diligently. The beauty method does not have special thing, usually wear no makeup (laugh). There was time when we tried various cosmetics, but skin notices that water and oil content balance by oneself after having begun yoga and prevents thing disturbing discharge from pore from being accompanied"

We deepen yoga in "ekuriarifuri" 

—yoga is strong in image that can be relaxed, will fatigue pile up when we go too far?

When "fatigue to pile up in yoga can dissolve by oneself eventually, it is said to be, but time suffers from yoga so that there is the word "ten years beginner" to control own body well. When we felt fatigue, we have "ekuriarifuri" help and adjust the physical balance and think that it is good to dissolve. Mind to borrow power of somebody from is important to ask teacher for teaching in yoga when there is not with one oneself"

—Is it recommended to sometimes use that how is "ekuriarifuri?"

"We approach muscle of depths part by using before practicing yoga and can deepen pose more. We relax health and stretch out and can, so to speak, use muscle for state that we returned to zero definitely when we do. Riff Lee saves this o "returning to zero"


Eclair riff Lee cordless low frequency treatment device

HCM-RP01 series

Cordless low frequency treatment device to ease stiffness and pain of whole body pleasantly
Mobile massage to go to one step. Cordless low frequency treatment device "ekuriarifuri" to ease stiffness and pain of whole body in compact Dimensions of 44mm in diameter super light weight of approximately 13g pleasantly.
※Please note that you may change Specifications without notice.
Sale name Low frequency treatment device P01
Classification Electric therapy device for machine appliance 78 home
General name Home low frequency treatment device (JMDN cord: 70986000)
Kind of medical equipment Managed care apparatus
Medical equipment certification number 228ADBZX00037000
Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery:
Power consumption Approximately 0.2W
Dimensions: About φ 44mm xD11mm
Weight : Approximately 13 g (except gel pad)
Color: 〈 Blue 〉
Contents: Body X 1, gel pad (2 Point Pad) X 1, exclusive USB cable X 1,
Seat X 1 for storage, storing porch X 1, attached document, Manual (guarantee memo) X 1
Term of a guarantee One year

    It is available in various parts

    As for shoulder and upper arm, back, buttocks, the calf,
    It is available in various parts.

    We fit muscle to feel treatment part stiffness and pain!


    Five modes and strength ten phases adjustment

    "Shiatsu" that pursued "depths shiatsu" mode, hand massage to soften pain and neuralgia at maximum frequency 550Hz to arrive deeply effectively "swats" "rubbing", and, other than mode, mode reshuffling of these four kinds, repeat four kinds of modes in turn; "leave", and is equipped with mode of five of mode in total. We can regulate strength with ten phases.


    Complete codeless type

    As, by complete codeless type, we can use anywhere anytime,
    Stiffness and pain can be treated effectively.


    In addition, it is a lot of functions!

    A lot of functions including off timer and remote-control reply.
    Porches for exclusive use of USB cable shop for Charge are attached.

    Managed care apparatus low frequency treatment device P01




    We approach trouble of foot which woman holds.


    HELLO body composition meter

    HELLO body composition meter

    It is measured internal organs fat level more exactly.

Gel pad for exclusive use of ekuriarifuri is this