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USB cable
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USB 2.0 cable which is most suitable to connect torneTM and PS3

USB 2.0 cable (A - miniB type) for game console [Black]


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We connect torne (torune) and PS3 clearly!
※It is ELECOM original product, and This product is not license product of Sony Corporation computer entertainment.

● USB cable which is most suitable for connection of torneTM and PlayStation®3

It is USB 2.0 cable of A - mini-B type that is most suitable to connect torneTM and PlayStation®3. The cable head is short with 0.25m and is good length to install the torneTM body right next to PS3. We connect torneTM and PS3 and can enjoy terrestrial digital broadcast and use for Charge and data transmission of the controller and PSP® body of PS3, and we transfer Video which we recorded in PSP® correspondence title and PS3 which we downloaded from "PlayStation®3 Network" to PSP®, and there is. It is good to connection of torne and PS3!

● It is available for PC use

It is available for PC and USB connection such as digital cameras.

● High speed transmission correspondence of 480Mbps

It is cable of USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED mode) conformity corresponding to high speed communication of line speed 480Mbps.  

● Gold plated pin


● Double Shielded Cable

We use Gold plated pin which we do not have to worry about rust and signal deterioration.
We use double shielding that is hard to receive interference of external noise for cable part.

Supported Devices: The USB A side /PlayStation®3 body
PlayStation®3 peripheral device having USB mini-B side /torneTM and USB mini-B terminal
Connector type: USB A male - USB mini-B, male
Interface: USB 2.0 standard (Hi-SPEED mode) conformity