USB hub

Mouse, keyboard…To PC and tablet PC USB apparatus
When we want to tie a lot, USB hub is convenient!
We can increase Universal Serial Bus ports when we use USB hub. USB apparatuses increase mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner ... in sequence, and Universal Serial Bus port of PC is insufficient! It is USB hub which one which is convenient for such a case branches off Universal Serial Bus port of PC and can increase. USB hub of ELECOM thoroughly pursues convenience. You can choose favorite thing from various designs.
Kind of USB hub
  • It is AC Adapter-free and is convenient for Mobile!
    Bus powered

    Type to supply power supply of connected USB apparatus from Universal Serial Bus port on the PC side. We are suitable for connection of apparatus with a little power consumption such as mouse.

    Example of interconnect equipment
    • ・Mouse
    • ・Numeric keypad
    • ・USB Flash Memory
    • ・Game pads
  • Even big apparatus of power consumption is reliable!

    Type to supply power supply of connected USB apparatus from AC Adapter. We are suitable for connection such as printer or hard disk where power consumption is big.

    Example of interconnect equipment
    • ・Printer
    • ・Scanner
    • ・External HDD
    • ・Portable battery chargers

※Example of interconnect equipment is just indication. Electricity may be short when we connect a large number of apparatuses at the same time.

USB Type-C deployment type

USB Type-C deployment type

U3HC-A413B series
  • USB3.1Gen1-adaptive USB hub
  • 3 port USB hubs
  • USB hub for exclusive use of Bus powered
  • USB Type-C terminal is for exclusive use
  • Power Delivery correspondence

U3HC-A413B series

USB hub (PD correspondence) mounted with USB Type-C connector

USB hub corresponding to Power Delivery supplying up to 100W to the device / PC body via Type-C connector!

  •  < Black >
Cable long / approximately 30cm
Upstream Port: USB Type-C (male) x1
Downstream Port: USB(A)female x2 / USB Type-C (female) x1 / USB Type-C (for female power supply adapter connection) x1

- most suitable for Mobile by Bus powered private type - AC Adapter unnecessary

When bus / Self-powered for two uses type - power consumption connects big apparatus, can feed from AC Adapter; -