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AV cable
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Cable which extends video cable

Video cable extension


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● It is cable extending video cable

(75 Ω coax) transmit certain Video in 75 Ω coax. (only as for the video side)
(24K Gold plated pin) make the 24K gilding on terminal part, and prevent signal deterioration.
(high-density 99.996% OFC), using OFC cable (anoxic copper) of 99.996% of high densities, can control outbreak and transmission loss of distortion of signal.
We use lead-free solder which does not include lead eco-friendly (use of eco-solder which does not include lead: ecology).
(cable stopper) is stopper which can temporarily fasten in arbitrary point. We come by open kisugio prevention of cable.

Supported devices:AV apparatuses such as Hi-Fi video, DVD player, AV TV, video game, video camera
Connector type 1As for AV TV, it is pin plug X 3
Connector type 2As for Hi-Fi videos, it is pin jack X 3
Purpose of use, UsesIt is cable extending pin plug cable.