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LCD protective film :
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We protect LCD screen of digital video camera from wound and dust!

LCD protective film for digital video camera

DVP series

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 2.7 inches of wide   380 yen 
410 yen 
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 3.0 inches of wide   380 yen 
410 yen 
 3.2 inches of wide   380 yen 
410 yen 
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 3.5 inches of wide   380 yen 
410 yen 
 The sale end
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We protect LCD screen of digital video camera from wound and dust

It is "LCD protective film" for exclusive use of digital video camera. It is helpful to protect LCD screen of important digital video camera from wound and dust.
In Film of hardware type having high hardness, we protect LCD screen from wound and dust well.

● mio reduction that includes borrowed light and image

Of screen of digital video camera that there are many mio weight including borrowed light and image of LCD screen by AR (Anti-reflective) processing, opportunities to use outdoors see, and can reduce burden on zurasaya eyes.

● We reproduce image of LCD screen clearly

We can reproduce image reflected in LCD screen by Glossy processing of the Film surface clearly and can ascertain to small part of subject.

● Supports touchscreen input

● We have been cut by supporting screen size

As we cope with touch screen input, we can operate with putting Film.
We prepared for 3 products which supported wide LCD screen of 2.7 type, 3.0 type, 3.2 type, 3.5 type each. All have been cut to just support each screen size.

● Double-stick tape unnecessary! Can be reapplied multiple times

As it is self-adsorption type that coated Silicone film in Application side, we take out of the package and can stick on the same LCD screen. We can easily stick without polluting screen as we do not use double-stick tape and adhesive and can easily put again even if out of position. In addition, we can put again as adsorption power revives by washing in water.

● "Audit window" which it is easy to choose Dimensions as at store includes

As LCD screen which is anxious only in, Dimensions which do not remember Dimensions only has store bring digital video camera, and it is easily possible for Dimensions check as package has full-scale audit window of LCD protective film, you can purchase in peace.

Film size It is width 58.5 X 32.5mm in height DVP-001
It is width 66.5 X 37.5mm in height DVP-002
It is width 70.0 X 39.0mm in height DVP-003
It is width 76.0 X 42.5mm in height DVP-004
Materials: PET (bonding surface: Silicone film)